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Sunday, January 8, 2012



It's Sunday, time for more Cranky Headlines and Cranky stupid comments.  What the heck, it's an easy post:
Maine man guilty of arson at topless coffee shopMan demanded that the coffee shop cover up.

No Sale: Million-Dollar Bill Gets North Carolina Man Arrested at WalmartWhy did Walmart let him run up such a high tab?

Hundreds of Dead Birds Fall from Sky in Town For Second New Year's Eve in a RowLocals brag, “New York drops a giant crystal ball, we got dead birds!”

Flushing Can Spread Diarrhea DiseaseIf you are flushing diarrhea, I think it may already be too late.

Cat Survives Two Euthanasia Attempts at Utah ShelterShelter officials claim it often takes nine attempts.

Lawmaker Urges Dutch to Apologize for WWII Jewish Deportations Country unites to form giant human sign spelling out “Sorry Jews!”

Calif. Catholic bishop resigns, says he has 2 kidsHmmm….no… this one is too easy!

Obama administration expands count of rape victims- I think even one rape victim is too much for any administration!

US Navy rescues Iranians held hostage by pirates – It was easy to separate hostages from the pirates; the pirates all had one eye, the hostages all had one eyebrow.

Bristol Palin Quits Hollywood – Hollywood was not even aware she was hired.

Hawaii hit by number of endangered seal killings – Endangered? They were KILLED!!

Rare Asian duck draws bird watchers to Calif. – Shocked watchers declare Asian duck is best served medium well.

Hey don't blame me, blame the lame week for funny headlines!


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  1. Really? The dead birds from the sky? I'm going to have to look into that one.