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Sunday, January 15, 2012



It’s that time again, time for Cranky’s HEADLINES of the week and my stupid sophomoric comments:
Marijuana doesn't harm lung function, study foundScientists declare, “Like dude it ain’t do nuttin to do no harm…ah…pass the chips.”

FAA says pilots can guide whooping cranesBut they can’t date them.

TV chef 'sorry' for shoplifting cheese and wineThis week’s show – How to entertain your guests while on a strict budget.

Jon Huntsman: Third Place Is a Ticket to RideTicket is for Palookaville.

Dragnet: Alleged Cross-Dressing Georgia Car Thief CaughtGeorgia strictly enforces all laws against cross-dressing.

Buried Alive Fiancé Gets 20 Years in Prison – Why is being buried alive a crime? I would think the person who buried her alive would have to go to jail.

Italian drug dealer guarded stash with 'mini alligator'- Dealer lost his hand when he thought he hid the drugs in his shoes.

15-year-old Maryland boy sentenced 85 years for killing teacherAnd the conviction will remain part of his PERMINANT RECORD!!

PepsiCo finds trace fungicide in orange juice – Now claims their cola not only “Hits the spot” but also cures Athletes foot! 

CA man suspected of poisoning wife's Rice Krispies – I have to say this – Does that make him a CEREAL killer? (I’m sorry, it’s the Tourette’s!)

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  1. Well I've had athlete's foot before and it sucks so I'm game for a glass or two of OJ to cure it :)