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Friday, January 20, 2012


Not the real Cole and Connor

Thursday is babysitting day for Grandpa Joe.  I haven’t posted much on this endeavor as I don’t want to get into competition with the mommy bloggers.  I thought I would do a brief post for the benefit of Cole 3 and Connor 1.  I thought it would be fun for them to have a record of my Thursdays babysitting.

Mom and Dad are school teachers, so they need help to watch the boys.  Grammy S. takes care of the boys and their two cousins every school day except Thursday.  That is where I come in to give Grammy one day off.  I’m not sure she really wants this day off as she does stop in at 9:30 to take Cole to reading time at Barnes and Noble, and she changes and dresses Connor.  I let her have this Grammy moment as I think she needs a little fix.

So here are my two stories for the boys to let them know years from now that Grandpa Joe was in their life. 

The first story is one that I know the mommy bloggers cannot tell.  Cole is a bit of a biter.  He gets this from his father so I don’t worry too much about it, but I know to be aware.  Connor, I thought, was safe in this regard.  Last week, Connor was doing a snuggly thing and had his head resting between my legs as I stroked his hair.  Out of nowhere as I was stroking and watching TV I felt a tremendous pain.  The little rascal was testing his new teeth out on my pants and he bit all the way down on my….eeeyowow!! From now on Connor can brush his own damn hair.

Today I had to chastise Connor for not sharing.  Usually it is Cole who grabs stuff away from Connor.  Today Cole was sitting on a plastic tub and Connor was attempting to push him off of it. 

“Connor!!  Let Cole have the tub, you have plenty of stuff to play with!”

Connor persisted and Cole pushed him away.

“Hat hat!”

“I don’t know where your hat is Connor; now find something to play with!”


“I don’t know what you want, now stop it.”

Minutes later, Cole got off the tub.  Connor picked it up and put it on his head (OH HAT!) and under the tub was his juice bottle which he grabbed and happily drank from.

I was yelling at Connor when it was that little scootch Cole who knew what he was doing hiding the juice all along.

“Sorry Connor.”


  1. JH, not that you asked for my opinion, but EVERYONE will benefit from your weekly updates. So I'm encouraging you to keep it up.

  2. LOL!!! You got one up on us mommies!