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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I recently broke down and bought a “smart” phone.  There are several reasons why I made the move and purchased a 3G S I-phone.

1.    I was tired of not being able to see pictures and text in 3G. (Where do I get those special glasses?)

2.    The step-cranks bragging about how much better their phones are than mine….and I’m paying for them!!

3.    I hate my old phone.  You have to flip it open for some functions, and close it for others, and after three years I still do not know how to shut voice mail the frig up!

4.    An upgrade was only $50…+ $25 for a cover…+ $35 for a car charger…+$25 per month for the same unlimited service minutes that the step-cranks get.  Plus Mrs. Cranky decided to upgrade for only $125…+$25 for a cover…+$35 for a car charger…+$35 for a screen protector with backup battery…+$25 for a stylus to hit the tiny numbers…+$25 per month for unlimited service.  So for only $360 plus $50 per month how could I refuse?

Before I made my purchase the salesperson asked me to sign an agreement on a tiny electronic screen.  This screen had 4 questions.  Each question asked things like “How much will it cost to change plans?” or “Can I exchange the phone within 30 days?”

“Why am I signing questions?”

“Well I am going to answer those questions?”

“But what am I signing?”

“Just sign here sir; you will get a print out of all the details of the contract.”

“So I sign some questions that you are going to answer and you give me a print out of a contract that I signed without even seeing it?”

“That’s right sir.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yes sir, I know.  AT+T decided that rather than fine print that you never read anyway, we will just have you sign a bunch of questions and then hand you a print out of the contract that no one ever reads anyway.”

“Oh…OK…where do I sign?”

“Right here where it says “Will the terms of any guarantee expire two days before there are any complaints?  Oh and by the way the answer is yes.”

“OK then.  Thank you.”

So far the phone works very well.  I only need to learn how to make a call, and how to answer a call. 

It has a really cool ring.


  1. I love my iPhone. I finally bought one in July and I swear I will never go back to any other kind of phone. Ever. I love my iPhone! It takes great pictures and videos, I can access my email, I can go on FB, I can surf the web, and it's very easy to navigate and use. Plus, it keep my little ones occupied with all the cool kids' games apps you can get. My three year old knows how to turn on my phone, punch in the password, click on the app she wants, and she still manages to answer the phone when it rings during one of her games. She's like my little secretary. She will come into the room say, " to daddy." and hand me the phone. I love my iPone.

  2. Welcome Cranky. I love my Iphone I do not know why it took me so long to change over from my Crackberry...It takes super awesome pics were I do not need to carry an extra camera with me.I bought LDG an IPAD2 just because she was always on my phone.
    Again welcome to the cult.

  3. Good for you! Welcome to the darkside...mwuahahahah (just kidding).

    Although the funny thing is...I HATED MY IPHONE WHEN I FIRST GOT IT. For some reason I have this awful transition when I upgrade phones, I always hate them at first like the one I just replaced can never compare. But, then, I grow to love them and the phone never leaves my hand.

  4. Good goin'! I still don't have a smart phone. I have a "transition" phone that eased me from my old dinosaur to eventually a smart phone. I am happy with it. I am good at all those phone appt things. But I suppose I will get one when my contract is renewed.

  5. JH, love my iPhone and iPad... great technology for sure. Welcome to all things "i".

  6. As a fairly new Apple convert - ipad, ipod, mac - welcome!

  7. side note, mrs cranky went for the samsung droid. didn't want to climb on the "i" band wagon. sorry guys. Love my droid!!