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Monday, January 2, 2012



Recently the news reported two incidences where elderly Grandmothers were put through a strip search before being allowed to board a passenger airplane.  The Transportation Security Administration denies strip searches were preformed.

A strip search on these ladies is deplorable and indefensible.  I suspect however that the search was probably a thorough pat down.  A thorough pat down to women of my generation could be interpreted by them as a “strip search”.  It is a shame that the TSA even has to do the pat down, but the women had transplants which would set off alarms.

Why put these innocent ladies through such an ordeal?  Why not concentrate on those who fit the profile of a terrorist?  What is the profile?  Terrorists are getting smarter, they are not above planting a bomb on an unsuspecting perhaps dementia challenged senior in order to cause the destruction they desire.

When we hear stories of innocent people going through embarrassing searches by the TSA, we should not be angry with the TSA, we should be angry with the violent religious fanatical terrorist pieces of crap that force us to take these precautions.

The press is quick to make a story about the TSA picking unnecessarily on little old ladies while not putting bearded one eye-browed crazy-eyed Koran carrying men through the same inspection. 

The same press would shout incessantly about “Profiling” if Muslims were treated any differently from others, and the TSA would be forever crucified if an elderly woman was duped into blowing up a plane.  

The 911 attacks changed the way we travel forever; stop whining about it and getting angry at the TSA.  Place the anger on those who force us into these indignities. 

I know of a woman who battled with an agent about taking her flip flops off before boarding a plane.  Is the need to run flip flops through an x-ray machine ridiculous?  Yes, until it isn’t.  Everyone has to go through these inspections for crap sake, just shut the F*** up and take off the flip flops like the rest of the world.

Unrelated to TSA inspections, Alec Baldwin is too special to have to turn off his electronic toys on an airplane.  Are these electronics really capable of upsetting the pilot’s instruments?  Probably not, but just in case, Alec, turn off the phone you uppity snobby fucking asshole!  EVERYONE ELSE DOES!! If I’m on your plane I’d rather not take the miniscule chance that your playing a FREAKING GAME on the phone might FUCKING KILL ME!!  Just suck it up people.  We really do not have time to explain every airplane rule to every “SPECIAL” person. 

Take off your shoes, put your shit in that basket, submit to the wand or a pat down, and don’t expect agents to be nice, their job is to make you nervous if you have something to hide.  Turn off your phone, put your seat up, fasten your belt, don’t smoke, listen to the flight attendants, don’t shit on the food tray (oh yes, it happened).   Just obey a few rules for a few hours and when you arrive at your destination you can go back to being the asshole that you are!


  1. Af*ckinamen! I agree with you fully. Let the TSA do their job and STFU! When we travel which we do quite a bit of and TSA feels the need to pat down my toddler then go ahead{with me present} it is not their fault that this is the way it needs to be. If you don't like it than stay home and stop your bitchin. I am sick and tired of getting on a plane and having to deal with people who think they are above rules. When the pilot/flight attendant tell you to move and sit the hell down do it. When they tell you to shut of your laptop/phone/ipad shut it down. Their is no more respect for authority anymore it is sad. Great post

  2. I think everyone should be strip searched or TSA should be allowed to stereotype. When I travel with my infant I opt for the pat down. It's a lot easier with an infant.

  3. Love the post! Hopefully the over entitled a-holes will realize they aren't special but that's a real long shot. I also want to mention the jerks who bring on huge carry on bags that weigh 70lbs and bumble around with them clogging up the aisle and banging into you. Just check it!

  4. Completely agree - if I'm on your plane you better take everything off if they ask you

  5. Amen Cranky Man! Take the shit off, shut the shit off or get the f#ck off the plane! How simple is that?