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Friday, October 14, 2016


A cranky opinion for
Cranky Opinion Saturday
The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with no expertise on the topic opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome, but they are wrong.  As always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid-head!
I promised myself I would not be political for my Saturday Opinion Posts.  I’m trying, I’m trying…but I just can’t do it.  This opinion is not intended to be negative or positive for Donald Trump.* 
One thing the Trump candidacy has done; it is tearing the GOP apart.  The problem the GOP has had for the last humpty hump years is winning national elections with a Conservative fiscal ideology, while having to placate the religious right and social conservatives by taking difficult to justify positions on abortion, gay marriage, and other social issues which take up a lot of ink, but really effect only a small percentage of the population.
Trump of course pays lip service to these issues, but he does not pontificate on them.  Trump is a New Yorker, and anyone who knows New Yorkers suspects he does not give a whit about stopping gay marriage, and though he may not favor abortion he is not rattling the cages to end it either.
Trump has thumbed his nose at the GOP elite the same as he has thumbed it at most elites.  He has insulted just about everybody, but also reached out to people the GOP is not used reaching out to.
Is Trump racist? 
Hell almost every white person is somewhat racist.  I don’t know about you, but there is not a Martin Luther King Boulevard or Rosa Parks Avenue that I’m walking down alone after the sun goes down…does that make me a racist?
If Trump is a racist, he still believes that the solution to crime and poverty is jobs and opportunity, and he is not in favor of crime and poverty.  He has reached out to intercity communities even though he is despised there and pointed out how Democratic policies have not done much for the community…he asks to give his policies a chance.   Previous GOP candidates have steered clear of demographics they don’t believe they can win.  Democrats simply care about getting out the automatic vote.  Trump at least appears to care.  

Trump has taken several controversial positions.  Like these positions or not, he is taking them because he cares, he thinks they are positions the country needs to take.
At the start of his campaign, Trump was asked in the first debate if he would support any GOP candidate.  Initially he said no.  Later he agreed as long as he felt he was treated fairly.  (In retrospect I understand why he felt he might not be treated fairly.)  Every other candidate, there were about 40, vowed to support whomever won the nomination.  Most of those GOP elites have backed out on their promise.  Why?
Trump is a threat not just to Democrats, but to the Republican leadership.  He is a threat to status quo.  He threatens change because he is beholden to no one.
Trump shuns the politically correct vocabulary.  He speaks his mind, sometimes to his detriment, often though it is refreshing.  Honesty can be dangerous, but it is refreshing.  Politicians who carefully measure every phrase to not offend often say nothing.   
Trump is a loose cannon, because there is no elite from either party or any interest group who controls the fuse, or aims the barrel.  Leadership in both parties want him defeated.  Powerful interest groups want him defeated.  The media want him defeated.  Anything that stops Trump will justify the means.  We mustn’t allow change; we mustn’t let uneducated folk pick our President; the educated, the wealthy, the elite will tell us who is best for everyone else.
The elite, the powerful, the beautiful people on both sides of the aisle do not want Trump to be President and that, strangely enough, is his strength. 
Meanwhile, win or lose, Trump has torn the GOP apart and they will have to rebuild and adjust…a good thing.  I believe he is also making Democrats start to rethink their direction. 
This election is not politics as usual.  Sometimes it takes a storm to tear down a defective infrastructure and allow an improved rebuild.
The preceding was not intended to be an endorsement for any candidate, and is only the opinion of a cranky old man, definitely not the opinion of management…Mrs. Cranky. 

*In my editing this post it does seem to lean Trump, not by design, I tried to be neutral, I probably failed a bit. 


  1. This is exactly why Trump has my vote. He's shaking things up and sometimes things need to be shaken (not stirred) up. He's not a bought and paid for politician. He doesn't play the game. That is refreshing. - And not wanting to walk down MLK Blbd. after sun down doesn't make you a racist, it makes you smart, and alive. I'm a Detroit girl and I don't wanna' walk down those streets during the day!

  2. Its probably time to shake things up in politics. The old way doesn't seem to be working. Maybe change is a good thing. A part of Southern California that we lived in years ago, a wealthy area, (we weren't rich, we just found ourselves there), I still didn't like walking after dark. I think that's commonsense myself.


  3. There are good ways and bad ways to shake things up. Bernie Sanders also wanted to shake things up, but he had a specific plan and wanted to lead somewhere. If you look at Trump's history you will see he just wants to win.

  4. There's a difference between shaking things up/not playing the PC game and just being an a**hole. Trump is the second.

  5. he crosses a lot of lines. some walls are good to push apart. others, he should just shut the he** up about.

  6. Maybe that was his plan right from the start..maybe he is a closet Hillary supporter.

  7. I think you give him undue credit to say he cares. I see not an ounce of caring about anything but the win.

  8. The Tea Party killed off the GOP. Donald Trump was just the final nail in the coffin. "My way or the highway" is NOT a winning alienates too many people, moderate independent people necessary to form a consensus functioning government. Right now the special interests control the Democratic Party (of Hillary Clinton). They have gravitated there because Trump won't play nice with the traditional Republican special interests. I don't know if Trump is sincere or not, but he's right about the Democrats not caring a whit about African Americans. The Dems show up in Detroit or Baltimore or Chicago every four years and say all the right things, scoop up their votes, then run back to their special interest bosses and do as they're told. The one to watch out for is whoever picks up Bernie Sanders's flag and runs with it in 2020. Agree with his policies or not, Bernie was fiercely independent.

  9. As a candidate who helps bring about a reset of the GOP, Trump may have some value, kind of like a heart attack; if you survive you gain a new appreciation for life. If he became president we might none of us survive, and certainly the country would be gravely damaged.

  10. There may just be a tiny bit of dislike among average citizens about his attitude towards women. Just sayin'...

  11. Howdy, I nominated you for a Liebster award. You can see the rules and details here:

  12. Our two party system isn't working at all. I just can't stomach Hillary. I remember their time in office the last time around. Please no more Clinton's.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  13. No Comment.
    (Not being smug or smart-a__, I seriously have nothing to say. I'm done with "Open Mouth, Insert Foot.")

  14. A vote for Trump is fine if you want a misogynistic, big mouthed, impolite, egotistical, uncaring, uninformed, lying, smartassed asshole with no tact for president!!

    1. And Trump would say, "I'm rubber, your glue, anything I say bounces off me and sticks to the lying despicable rapist protecting "Bimbo Eruption' leader Hillary.

      I can be childish also.

    2. You're, not your for all you grammar Nazis ready to pounce!

    3. I was being honest, not childish!!

    4. I hate it when Mom and Dad fight!

    5. Yeah, but no name calling remember

    6. We can't get a divorce; neither one of us wants custody of the children!!

  15. Honesty can be refreshing. Absolutely. Remember when he said that he would have no problems with the U.S. Government defaulting on its debts? I cashed in all of my savings bonds. I hope the Chinese don't do the same...

  16. And we watch from afar ( yes far away down here) wondering what on earth is going on in your country


    Cathy @ Still Waters

  17. Well, it's definitely not politics as usual! The media is making a circus out of this election, and the candidates aren't helping matters. So many problems that could be addressed, but we focus only on the superficial.

  18. Hi Cranky,

    I don't believe that every white person is a bit racist - I know I'm not at all.

    Also, I didn't know what the GOP was - now I know it's the Republican Party. Strange that they are known as the "Grand Old Party" - you learn something new every day.

    Anyway - to Trump - while honesty might be "refreshing" to some, it surely says "How can we elect a person with views like that?".

    It seems that you are all stuck between a rock and a hard place because the only alternative is Hilary Clinton! Of course you could all vote for Gary Johnson, a man who asked "What's Aleppo?"

    Personally, Cranky Man, I think you should have a go for the Presidency. I'd vote for you, if I were American.