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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stupid Headlines 101616

Stupid Headlines 101616

It is time again for
Stupid Headline Sunday

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 


25 new 'Dead Sea Scrolls' revealed – WikiLeaks claims this will finally be the end of Hillary’s campaign.

Oregon bakery shop accused of racism over Oreo cupcake named 'Mr. President'Baker claims it is just an innocent name and the cupcakes are sold along with other innocent produce like monkey bread, white sheet cake, and jigaboo pie.

New dwarf planet discovered billions of miles from the sun – I’m pretty sure that should be “Little Celestial Body.”

Young Actress Walks Off Set, Can't Say Clinton is Honest in New Ad – This is really funny, but in truth it is part of an ad for Trump.

Study confirms human docs better than computers They can diagnose very well, but “Taking two aspirin and reboot” doesn’t cure anything.

'Tipsy' German Partygoers Confuse Real Cops for Strippers From the article:

Several attempts to explain to the "approximately 10 tipsy women" that the officers were genuine law enforcement "were completely unsuccessful,"

This should be a Saturday Night Live skit!

Slow Train Crosses Lehigh Valley Marathon Course, Damaging Finish Times – Apparently you can over-train for a marathon.

Museum asks visitors to desecrate the Virgin Mary in evil exhibit – Now if the museum also had a cartoon of a guy named Mohammed, I’d be offended.

New Jersey man charged with stealing $160G worth of cheese – Street value, when thinly sliced and sold on little crackers is $250,000!

Man interrupts bear sex, pays the price – Ursus interruptus, Human tearisuptus.

Cursing is a sign of high intelligence, study shows – This is bullshit; the most ridiculous fucking headline I’ve ever fucking seen!

Connecticut school apologizes for 'Hitler' football play – The play, a double reverse with a naked boot leg has been renamed “Trump” and all is right with the world.


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  1. OMG! I choked on my tea and it came outta' my nose!!! YOUR suggestions for the Oregon bakery???!! GENIUS! Omg.. I'm still laughing. And then those poor women and those cops. Hahahahaha. Sounds like my kinda' party! :D

  2. 25 new 'Dead Sea Scrolls' revealed. Scrolls were found in Hillary Clinton's basement next to the toilet. Media blames Trump.

  3. Heeheehee! You always make me laugh too hard on Sunday.

  4. All great, as usual, but I especially liked... "Street value, when thinly sliced and sold on little crackers is $250,000!" Great job, Joe!

  5. Always enjoy the stupid headlines with wry synopses.

  6. oh, yeah, lots of good ones today. you nailed it!

  7. The Hitler play is a bootleg? I would have thought it woudl be a handoff to fullback Fritz "the Tank" Mueller, who would crash through the line behind the monster right tackle, straight into the heart of Poland.

  8. I think the bear one is my favorite, but they are all good and your comments are even better. I of course linked you to Silly Sunday as always.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. I have to admit that "Young Actress Walks Off Set, Can't Say Clinton is Honest in New Ad" is very clever, although I disagree with it!!

  10. I always get a kick out of your take on the Sunday "Funnies"

  11. I'm really wondering about the cops who were arresting the "approximately 10 tipsy women" ... could they not count to 10 exactly?

  12. The one about the tipsy partiers is hilarious. It does sound more like something from a citcom than a headline.

  13. Ahh, the power of cheese!

  14. I imagine those leaked Dead Sea Scrolls prove it was Bill Clinton, not King David, that had an affair with Bathsheba.

  15. The Virgin Mary / Muhammad one. . . too close to true. . .