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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Stupid Headlines 100916

Stupid Headlines 100916
It is time again for
Stupid Headline Sunday
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 
Woman caught having sex with model dinosaur at playground – “With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too.”

Man bitten on penis by venomous spider for the second time Some men will just never learn that no means no!

Man survives 2 bear attacks in same morning – Sometimes it’s best to just sleep in.
Hungry pigs chomp lawns in Northern California neighborhood – It’s the medical marijuana I tell ya!

Virginia Democrat Registers 19 Dead People To Vote For Hillary – Big deal, they’re dead!  How are they going to vote? 

Secrets of ultra-stealth submarines revealed in massive leak – First secret is a massive leak makes it sink like a sieve.

Kendall Jenner a big fan of the no-bra look – Don’t most women prefer men without bras?

New Hampshire farm turns outhouse into voting booth – Sounds like a proper venue to me.

Colleges now offering 'safe spaces' for students to take naps – This is nothing new, we had one in the 60’s.  We called it the Library.

Youth football coach loses job after reportedly punishing boy over bullying – The coach made the kid run laps!  In my day you had to run laps for missing a block.  Once you woosify football it is official, we are doomed!

Dems push to have Obama added to Mount Rushmore – Dems want to see him in stone, Republicans want to stone him and after 8 years The President just wants to get stoned again.
Norway’s prime minister just got busted playing ‘Pokémon Go’ during a debateThis is my kind of political scandal.

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  1. You know, that outhouse thing might not be a bad idea ...

  2. It does feel like entering an outhouse to go in a voting booth with lousy choices.

  3. laughed at several of your retorts. thanks!

  4. Hmmm...enclosed space, strips of paper....yup.....outhouse.

  5. Dead people always vote democrat. It's been going on for decades. Nothing new there.

    Always look forward to your stupid headlines, but I look forward to your comments more.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  6. I read through your comments and saw that Sandee had called your headlines stupid. I was moderately offended by her characterization until I realized that's what you called them, too.

    I don't find them to be stupid, just funny.

    Keep 'em coming, please.

  7. Some of your best!!

  8. Laughed out loud at "no meaning no":)) I agree with Fran.

  9. I think we should get the name of Norway's prime minister and put him down as the write in vote.

  10. Library was the BEST place to nap.

  11. Only if all our politicians in the US for get busted for playing ‘Pokémon Go’ instead of screwing our lives up.

  12. I wonder if the bear-attack man is kin to the spider-penis man. Also, about the clown who committed the Fu King robbery...was it the one next door to Sofa King?