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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Are You Hiding Something?

Are You Hiding Something?
The last few days my wife and I have been both under the weather.  We have miserable colds; runny nose, scratchy throat, fevery, colds.  If that is not bad enough we each have a tooth problem and are on antibiotics while waiting to have a bad tooth removed.
Tonight I had to go down stairs for some more medication and I asked Mrs. C if she wanted anything.
“You may have trouble finding it, but I’d like a Creamsicle.”
“We have Creamsicles?”
“In the fridge; remove the pint of vanilla, lift up the frozen hamburgers, behind the frozen artichoke hearts you should find some Creamsicles.”
“How long have we had Creamsicles?”
“I don’t know.”
Once again, Mrs. C is hiding food from me.  I am not a pig, I would never take more than my fair share of Creamsicles, but she hides them so she can have them all to herself.
I go downstairs, take all my medications and pull out the Jenga Puzzle hiding the Creamsicles.  What the heck.  I thought there would be maybe one or two bars left over from the summer…there was a whole box, with one missing!
I took out two bars because I love me some Creamsicles and put the box back.  While I was shoving the box in its place I noticed that behind it was another box.
Ice Cream Sandwiches!!
I went back upstairs with the Creamsicles.
“I can’t believe you hid a whole box of Creamsicles from me!”
“I forgot.”
“What else are you hiding from me?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I’m sure.”
“How can you lie like that?”
“Yes, I saw the ice cream sandwiches behind the Creamsicles.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot!”
“You forgot!  You never forget anything.”
“Well maybe I just sort of forgot.”
“Now who’s a JERK?”
“Still you.”
“Me why?”
“Because you’re making such a big deal out of a stupid Creamsicle.”
“And don’t throw the stick away, you know I save them.”
Tomorrow, when Mrs. C is at work, I’m going to have a Creamsicle and an ice cream sandwich for dessert.


  1. You go Joe! You know though by this interaction, now she has to be more clever with how she hides things. I might do a fridge/freezer search weekly, just in case.

    Hope you both feel better soon!


  2. In this case, as in others, I think Mrs C is the jerk, no, make that Jerk with a capital J. And selfish too. I just don't get this hiding of treats, does she think you don't deserve to have any?

  3. Hmm, thanks! I would have to do some rearranging ... but what an excellent spot to hide the obvious! Thanks Mrs. C. and thank you too, Joe!

  4. Hi Cranky,

    Hiding stuff in plain sight is a definite female trait. As men, we should - no! we MUST periodically go into the fridge and take all of the food out so we KNOW when food is being hidden.

    By the way, I have NO IDEA what a creamsicle is!




  5. We hide this stuff so that when we have a cold there is something there to satisfy our needs as opposed to an empty box if we told you.

  6. Query: if you can't share the food how come you're sharing a cold? I never hid anything from my husband other than Wethers Original sweeties!

  7. First, hope you both feel better soon. And when you do I suggest you go re-arrange the freezer and put all that frozen vegetable crap in back and the good stuff up front. :)

  8. In my experience it is the easiest thing in the world to "hide" something from a male. Just make it not the first think he sees when opening the refrigerator door, medicine cabinet, closet, etc. I am quite convinced that the ability to move one thing to look for another resides in genetic code that is only in what is the missing leg of the Y chromosome.

  9. I certainly would have them for lunch!

  10. What practical use can a creamsicle stick be put to?

  11. I do not go into my freezer without my titanium toed work boots on. I have learned.

  12. Sadly there is nothing interesting hiding in my freezer - it's so full of fruit there's barely and actual food in it at all!

  13. I guess I missed the part where a law was passed preventing stores from selling you your own treats. Since you seem to get out and do the shopping with Mrs. C's list, why don't you pick up some snacks for yourself?

  14. I can see why she hides them. I'm guessing you'll eat all of them before she wants one again.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  15. Best check the cupboards...who knows what treats she could be hiding.

  16. Ha ha, enjoy your plunder. If she is smart, that is the last time she sends you digging for treasure.

  17. See this is why I suggest you each get a dessert budget, and write your names on your treats, and that's that. No fair eating all of yours fast and knowing she is eating them more slowly so then going and taking hers.

  18. You go for it...Mrs. Cranky Old Man will never notice.

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That could totally be my freezer! I too play the Jenga game. My kids hate it. They can never get everything back the way I had it. - Creamsicles are the best! - I hope you and Mrs. C are feeling better real soon.

  20. If I were you I'd be checking the inside of the bags of frozen Brussels sprouts. I've found those make good hiding places for Magnum/Klondike/Dove ice cream bars.

  21. You guys are too funny. You should convince her to blog. I'd love to hear her side of the issues :)