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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All In The Cranky Family

All In The Cranky Family
“All In The Family,” the Archie Bunker comedy of the 70’s had a famous episode of Archie arguing with Meathead about how to put on shoes.  Archie claimed you should put on a sock and a sock and then a shoe and a shoe.  Meathead claimed you should dress sock and a shoe, sock and a shoe. Their ensuing explanations for why were hilarious.

Today I had two similar sock, sock, shoe, shoe arguments with Mrs. Cranky.
The first was the correct way to enter the shower. 
I claim one should enter via the sliding door closest to the shower head.  That way you can hand test the temperature without getting wet and be easily able to make adjustments.
Mrs. C enters from the sliding door at the other end of the shower.  That way she can ease into the spray feet first and on up to the rest of the body.  My way when I step all the way in I get the full force of the shower on my whole body.
“But if it is too hot on your feet, you can’t reach the control without getting all wet and scalded!”
“I know where to set the control to get the temperature I want before I get in.”
“But the shower never warms up the same amount of time.”
“I wait long enough before trying.”
“Then you are wasting water”
“You’re a Jerk!”
Next I go downstairs to unload the dishwasher.
“Why do you load the dishes facing right to left and not left to right?”
“Because I’m right handed, not left handed…you do it wrong.”
“No it should be loaded left to right.”
“What difference, at this point, does it make?”
“The sprayer rotates clockwise.”
“So the spray makes a more direct hit on the dishes loaded left to right and slanted to take the spray at an angle.  The right to left dishes take the spray more straight down the dish and lose scrubbing power.”
“Your way puts more wear and tear on the dish, my way is less abrasive.”
“The abrasiveness helps to clean the dish and dishes don’t wear down.”
“Everything wears down eventually…and you’re a Jerk!”
I’m afraid to watch how she puts on her shoes and socks. Probably sock, shoe, sock, shoe.


  1. I think that's why it is good not to observe the habits of our spouses with how they shower and how they dress. I still can't figure out why it takes hubby over an hour to get ready for work in the morning when I'm in and out of the shower in less than 5 minutes and dressed by 10 minutes out. He stacks different than me in the dishwasher and uses the other sink than I use (for what reason, I have no idea) but he's a "hell" of a cook and will clean up for himself afterwards, so I guess it is all worth it in the end. Celebrating 36 years of marital bliss today, so we must be doing something right :)


    1. We've had 36 years of bliss, too--not bad fora 61 year marriage!!

  2. Oh ... how we got together is beyond me. We don't do anything the same.

  3. This makes me happy I live alone.

  4. I am now absolutely certain, you are NOT a jerk.

  5. I would enter the shower the same as you, but load the dishwasher the same as Mrs C. So you're both right, just in different areas.

  6. There's only one way in and one way out of my shower and I don't own a dishwasher - I'm attributing my domestic bliss to those two factors from now on!

  7. As long as the dishes and yourself end up clean and your socks and shoes are on your feet before you walk out the door does it really matter lol?

  8. Is this what retired people talk about? Because now I'm afraid of my husband retiring.

  9. Do you also jump full body into the water when you go swimming? That's just wrong. On the other hand, loading the dishwasher left to right is the correct way.
    Everyone who knew my father started calling him Archie after that show came out. The clip was a walk down memory lane.

  10. Since I moved, the way to load a dishwasher is no longer an issue.

  11. I enter the shower like you do. And the dishwasher...I'm happy if I can just get the door closed and locked, and remember to put the soap in first.

  12. I always remembered that episode of All in the Family.

  13. I'm so glad that the two of you tackle the tough issues so the rest of us know what to do. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  14. If you both didn't have to be right, you would have a smooth, boring marriage. You sure don't lack for spice.

  15. My wife and I have a disagreement about how to load the silverware into the dishwasher. I load them with the handles down while she loads the the opposite way. I don't know why people have these disagreements but it keeps life interesting.

  16. It's best to each let the other do it her/his way, smugly knowing you are right the whole time, and letting the other get away with doing it wrong.

  17. You should YouTube one of these discussions. I wouldn't be surprised if it went viral.

  18. Of course you should enter the door closest to the shower head! That's where you turn on the water. Who doesn't remember how far to turn the control? Or doesn't stick a hand in to check the temperature?

    Can't help you with the dishwasher, seeing as how I have never had one.

  19. Here's something to think about: my husband gets into the shower and THEN turns it on. The hell? I've been married to him for 24 years and I still can't understand it.

    I grew up watching All In The Family. I can still remember myself at such a young age, sitting on my grandmother's shag carpet in her living room in front of her antenna television set. Edith's singing voice is etched into my early memories. My grandmother would laugh and laugh, saying, "Oh that Archie...he's something else!" is what she would say. For the most part I didn't get the humor. I was too young. But still, they were good times spent with my grandmother.

    "Those ...were ...the ... daaaaays!"

  20. Omgosh. I think there's a dishwasher nazi in every family. My lit'l sis is the worst. :)

  21. I'm with Mrs. Cranky on the shower and with you on loading the dishwasher.