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Monday, October 31, 2016

First a scare, then a windfall!

First a scare, then a windfall!
It’s a good thing I check my email spam folder.

Look, most of the stuff in the spam folder is just silly.  If I needed a penis enlargement so desperately, why would so many women named Lola want to hook-up with me?

Sometimes there are some important messages.  I received two such messages today.

This first one from Citi Corp scared me.

Important Not
Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on you account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on you account.
So we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security.
Please click on continue to the verification process and ensure your account security. It is all about your security.

Confirm that you're the owner of the account, and then follow the instructions.
Confirm all information, and then access your account as normal.
Thank you. 

(If you cannot click on the link, please move the message into the Inbox).  
They even tell me how to overcome that annoying protection provided in the spam folder! | Fraud Information Center
Please do not reply to this email directly. To ensure a prompt and secure response, sign on to email us.

Citi Corp is protecting me from attempts to access my account and steal my money.  Of course, this scared the bejesus out of me so I immediately signed on and gave them all the requested information.  It is good to know that first, a great corporation like Citi is looking out for me, and second, Citi is doing its part to fight poverty by hiring people into their fraud division that dozents rite Inglish so good.
I told them “thank you for you concernment.”  Then just before I hit send to verify I am who they want to know who I am, Mrs. C reminded me that we do not have any accounts with Citi.

Now if the first message gave me a scare, this one gave me hope. 

  • Attention please,

    I just received an email from Mr. Paul Horn the Director Of Best-Way
    Express Company Benin that the ATM CARD valued the sum of  ($2.5 Million
    Dollars) which I sent to you was returned back due to wrong address
    provided, They need the reconfirmation of the following information's:

    Your Full Name:
    Your Address:
    Your Phone Number:
    Your Age and occupation:

    Contact them with the following information immediately:

    Mr. Paul Horn
    Telephone: +229 99455039

    They will require you to pay for International Delivery Permit Certificate
    fee, please don't hesitate to pay it immediately so they will recommence
    the shipment and also forward you your tracking information to you. Just
    send me a brief email as soon as you received the shipment.

    Your registration code is (BWE/14160/2016), use it as your subject when
    contacting them so they will recognize you and attend to you without any

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Best Regards

    Mr. John Williams
It seems to me that this is in error as I don’t recall ordering an ATM card for 2.5 million dollars from Benin, that well known African country next to Togo, however I could sure use one.

I am definitely going to send them money to cover the “International Delivery Permit Certificate
When I get my card, I am going to go to the ATM at WaWa’s (because they don’t have a service free) and withdraw all 2.5 million dollars.  I may have to make several trips; that’s a lot of twenties.

Then because I know their security is so thorough I will open an account and deposit all those twenties with Citi Corp.

People, please, always check your spam folder or you may miss out on some very important opportunities!
Holy Cow!! I just received this

Message body

What are the odds? 


  1. OMG, you could have missed out on a fortune!!

  2. A few weeks ago I got an official looking email from our bank saying that we had changed our phone number and if we hadn't to let them know. We hadn't, so I called the number on the email, which indeed was the bank and talked to a representative who verified the phone number on the account and that it had not been changed. She wondered if anyone had added a phone number (work, cell phone whatever). I said "no" mainly because I do the banking business and although I love him and he's a good man, hubby pretty much stays away from banking business. I'm linked to an account son has but I don't think he's smart enough to add a number plus he basically just deals with his cell phone no other number, so why would he do that? I even verified with her that I was talking to a representative from the bank and she confirmed that she was, gave me her name, ID number, etc. She said to change all PIN numbers and to change my password to access the bank account, which we did. Nothing strange ever happened with the account, but this notice of change in phone number occurred within days of us buying our new vehicle and putting down a substantial down payment by check. Makes you wonder.

    Conversely, we get the notices all the time from banks we don't bank with. Like I was born yesterday????


  3. I suppose enough people fall for this stuff to make it worthwhile for the cons - I hope I'm not related to them though ...

  4. I would have thought the poor spelling and grammar in the first email would have alerted you to the fact it is spam, right AFTER you asked Mrs C, "do we have a CITI account?
    I haven't had any money spam for a while now, I guess "they" work through each country in turn.

  5. There is a sucker born every minute...good thing it is not you.

  6. If you need help carrying all that money, I'm your gal! Seriously, it's disgraceful - although my wicked lot seem to have deserted me. I used to get emails from those needing money for funeral fees etc, but even those have stopped. Was it something I said?

  7. Had a credit card number stolen about a week ago. It gets tiring, all of this changing of numbers and passwords. I've reverted to paying with cash in a lot of instances.

  8. part of my job is reading the crime reports and getting them submitted to the state and fbi. i am always amazed by the number of folks (young and old) that get scammed by fake jobs (depositing a check into your account, then issuing part of the amount back to someone else), fake auto sales (don't ever pay with amazon gift cards, people!) and the fake acct stuff as you've described. *sigh*

  9. This is why, if i have a question about my account, i go to my bank, which i drive near several times a week.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  10. I'm forever getting emails from banks I have no account with advising me there has been suspicious activity in my non existent account. DELETE

  11. Glad you didn't fall for these scams. By the way, Lola says to say hi.

  12. I always deal with my bank directly and they've never asked for my email address so I know Chase is not emailing me - ever.

  13. Sigh. They must get takers or they wouldn't keep trying.

  14. I got the same bank one and we don't have an account with that bank. If it's in my spam folder I'm pretty sure it's there for a reason.

    Let us know how you do getting that ATM card.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  15. I try to just scan the spam with my eyes LOL.

  16. Hey Cranky, I just received the winning numbers for next Saturday's Powerball drawing. They're mine as long as I promise to share with someone. I chose you but please send me $11,000 by return mail for postage for all those twenties I'll be sending you.

  17. So I guess you're giving everyone cash for Christmas this year. ;-)

  18. You were certainly born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

  19. Arkansas Patti is right. If they never had any takers they wouldn't bother. Oops, gotta go...gotta pick up that Nigerian Prince at the airport. He's bringing me my cash. He promised. :)

  20. Dang! I don't have a single interesting spam. Guess that says how boring my life really is!

  21. You are a very smart man to take advantage of those wonderful business opportunities. Amazing coincidnece, though: I received the very same letters in MY e-mail!!! We're both going to be rich!!!!!

  22. We've been the recipient of the breathless answering machine calls from "the IRS" advising us to CALL THIS NUMBER IMMEDIATELY to settle our tax delinquency to avoid prison. This makes up for being ignored by the Nigerian prince who seems to have called everybody in the world except us!

  23. Sheesh, all I ever get are emails for penis enlargements and cheap Canadian Viagra. Lucky you!