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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fraternity Reunion 2016

Fraternity Reunion 2016
This post will be pictures of a bunch of old people that most readers do not know, so you are welcome to skip it.  If you are interested in how old people celebrate stuff, welcome to:
The 17th Annual DTD Lafayette Reunion
This year was our 17th annual Fraternity reunion class of ‘67/’68 in NJ.  There was a very nice dinner Friday Night and a few drinks after.  (No Pictures) Next day it was off to the beautiful farm of brother Captain Don (Formally known as Squeak.) 
The venue included:
Even FISH!
Old Friends
Some wives of Old Friends
Old People debating stuff
Old people  talking about old times


We had a band

Old people dancing

More Old People dancing
Even a conga line
We had Sunday brunch

Sunday clean up crew

The band was "The British Invasion" and they played all the music from the 60's.  It was a frat party for old people.  Terrific band, you can hear them here if you don't believe me: 
Well that's about it, suffice to say it was a great weekend as always.  Next year we will be off to Daytona Beach where the hosts will be "Fast Freddie" and his lovely wife "Jazzy Janet."  It will also be a great time, because with great old friends you can only have a good old time! 

Passing the flag
Captain Don getting frisky while passing the flag to "Jazzy Janet" and "Fast Freddie" Mrs. Captain Don is holding the other end. 

One final note.  Back in the day this crew was guilty of perhaps a bit  too much of the spirits as most college kids are.  Now some 48 years later there is still some imbibing, but as you can see from the last picture taken after the band, at some time the imbibing turns to something else.
Oh you crazy kids with the water bottles and sprite...still no hangovers in the morning!

Once again, thanks to Captain Don and his terrific and beautiful wife Peggy for a great time at a great venue.

Oh, one final picture of the whole crowd
The Whole Crowd!

(Almost the whole crowd, "Take a bow" Al had to leave early)


  1. Yay! That looks like a GREAT time with some GREAT not so old friends. :) Captn Don has a nice place and put out a nice spread. Is that his own personal catch n' release pond? I'm so happy you and Mrs. C had such a great weekend. Great memories. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Sure look like old friend can still have fun. Hope you enjoy your self.
    Coffee is on

  3. What a lovely place to visit with all of your old friends! It sounds like a great weekend and a good time. (Bet you were tired - and imagine their home felt empty after everyone went home)

  4. Looked like a lot of fun! Was trying to pick you and Mrs. Cranky out of the crowd; think I figured it out :) Now the waiting begins until next year's reunion!


  5. I've never been to a reunion. I don't think my ex-school friends wanted to know each other once they left the educational environment. Looks like you had a great time with lots of lovely grub. Roll on next year, eh?

  6. Wow! I'm impressed you can get that big of a group together so often! It really looks like fun, Joe.

  7. truly awesome. laughed at the water bottles. love the farm!

  8. You've given me a huge smile this morning, i'm glad you all had such a great time!

  9. Us old timers know how to have good time...also when it's time to take a nap lol.

  10. What a swell party and a grand time. Someone in your group is a fine planner.

  11. These are my kind of parties. Yes indeed. Right up to and including the water or sprite at the end of the evening.

    Thanks for taking me along.

    Is that your wife next to you?

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  12. "This year was our 17th ANNUAL Fraternity reunion class of ‘67/’68 in NJ."??????????????? I take it you weren't math majors!!

    1. We've been getting together annually for 17 years, 18 except we had to cxl one year because of 9-11-01.

  13. That looked like a great party and except for the water bottles, a party kids of any age would enjoy. Your own band yet and what a great place Don had to have it.

  14. Good to know that you all stayed hydrated!

  15. I went to my first (and possibly only) reunion this year - it was a blast and we even got a write up in the local rag - something about a bunch of 50 year old causing havoc and keeping the village awake all night - must dig that out and post it! Looks like lots of fun Joe, here's to the next 17 years of frolicks!

  16. Food, drink, old people...sounds like a great party to me!