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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spam Blog Comments

Spam Blog Comments

I get three or four spam comments on my Blog for every post.  They are a nuisance, but very easy to ignore and delete. 

I do read them, just out of curiosity.  They are usually along the lines of,

“This is very important knowledge you find here, I will be back and bookmark to daily read.”

It is flattering to know that Latka Gravas or some random six-year-old likes my post, but after several comments in a row that are almost identical, I realize this is from what I hear called a “bot.”  I really have no idea what they are trying to get, most do not offer a web site to visit.  If they posted a site would make sense that they were trying to get traffic to their site.


Today I received a comment that really has me scratching my head.  What is this “bot” expecting?

Welcome to, home of the finest Mumbai escorts in Mumbai area. Our Mumbai escorts are the finest Mumbai has to offer and will provide an unforgettable Mumbai Escort experience!  This was followed with 15 different web sites for Mumbai escorts.

I guess if I am ever in Mumbai and looking for an escort these web sites might come in handy.  They could be porn sites, I understand porn is difficult to find on the web.

I suspect not clicking any of these web sites was a good choice.

However, if I am ever in Mumbai, I expect I would need an escort as I certainly would not know my way around.

Mumbai, that’s like somewhere between Egypt and China, right?


  1. Mumbai is in India and used to be called something else but I can't remember what. I'll get my atlas and check. It used to be Bombay. They may not be porn websites, but I'd guess the "escorts" might be hookers or women who say they want to come to America if only they could get enough money. From you. Or anyone gullible enough to believe them.

  2. I have a block on these so-called people.... yet this one gets through. Only once, but that's enough.

  3. I guess it's just random, sending out a million a day, hoping a few hit people in Mumbai?

  4. I think the links in comments gives them a little boost in search engine results.
    The more links to their site, the more “clout” they sure has.

  5. I get those Mumbai requests regularly and like you, just delete them. However I see the same one popping up on a lot of blogs I read. I wonder if they ever get any hits.

  6. Allo Mr JoeH,

    Zis eez a wonder fill site you ave ere. I ave learnt a lot from eet. If you are eva in la Belle France and want to try zee escargots I know a good restaurant zat ave zem. Look at me web site: escargots@plenty.yumyum

    God bless.

  7. I am often offered the company of beautiful

  8. Wordpress takes care of most of these for me. I'm happy about that. Some are full of links for medicine, escorts, porn, and a laundry list of other things I'm not interested in. Some are downright funny and other pretty sad.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  9. The thing that is funny about the spam comments is like do they not know the comments will be deleted from the blog? Like we are that stupid? Its kind of like "Microsoft" calling and saying your license has expired and you will lose all your data unless you call them and renew the license. Like right that is going to happen. But I guess there are those who unfortunately still get fooled by such and that's why it continues on.


  10. The Mumbaians didn't offer to make a house call? Slackers.

  11. Most of these end up in my spam comments area. Once in so often i click over there to read and be amused.

  12. I always wonder what these bots look like...


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