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Thursday, March 28, 2019

She’s Back!!

She’s Back!!
Not the real Mrs. C...stunt Mrs. C
Mrs. C came back from a week of working at her dance studio’s Ball Room Dance competition.  She is back, but life is not yet normal.

Apparently when you work seven days in a row, and many days are from 6am to 2am, you come home tired.  When you come home tired you also are a bit cranky…even crankier than your cranky husband.

Exacerbating the problem was my cleaning up while Mrs. C was away. 

You see, my wife tends to not throw things away.  Specifically, she saves paper napkins she scarfs up at diners and restaurants.  We have drawers stuffed with paper napkins; her car has compartments with paper napkins spilling out. 

“You never know when you’ll need a paper napkin!”

She also saves all the plastic bags you get at every store in Jersey.  I don’t know about other places, but in Jersey if you buy a pack of gum, they toss it in a plastic bag and hand it to you before you can tell them you don’t need a bag to carry a pack of gum.  I sometimes open up a drawer or closet, and paper bags come at me like Jack in that all-around-the-Mulberry-bush song box.

Mrs. C also saves receipts.  This is not a bad idea, it is handy to have the receipt if you need to return a purchase, but after two months, I’m pretty sure we are not going to return anything we bought at Stop-and-Shop.

I went on a rampage while on my own and tossed any receipt that was over six weeks old, and plastic bags and paper napkins that were in obvious excess.  I know better than to toss anything else.  You never know what my wife might have a reason for saving what seems like crap.

Most of the time I think she just does not want to toss something without thinking about it.   She saves it somewhere that she won’t see it for weeks.  Then when she does stumble over it she thinks,

“I must have saved this for a reason, I’ll figure it out later,”

Anyway, I don’t toss stuff willy-nilly.

When my cranky sleep-deprived wife came home her first words when she saw the kitchen was in less disarray than when she left were,


“I just tidied up a bit and tossed excess paper napkins, plastic bags and old receipts.”

Now for the last few days, every time she can’t find something, I get blamed.

“Did you throw away my good pencil?”

“I told you what I threw away, I did not touch anything else.”

“Where is my bobby-pin?  I had one right on the table under the catalog for outdoor wear that I never buy, but you never know?”

“I told you what I threw away, I did not touch anything else.”

“Where is my lucky lottery scratch-off coin?  The next time I have to go away, you are going to my sister or your son’s house, I can’t leave you alone!”

“I told you…”

You get the picture.

It is getting better.  Another day or two of normal sleep and I may get the real Mrs. C back.

In the meantime, I am laying low and throwing nothing away.

She may be right, maybe I am a jerk.


  1. Nope you're not a jerk. Hubby goes though things now and then and tosses what he thinks needs tossing. I figure if I haven't used it in over a year then I'm sure I won't need it now.

    I say have a cigar and a glass of port.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  2. I LOVE to throw stuff away. Isn't it fun??

  3. As someone who works crazy hours and gets sleep deprived I can sympathize...but I'm the thrower outer around these parts. That means anytime something is missing I get blamed..."Where did you put the blah,blah..when you get into a cleaning jag you put things in strange places". So I can see both points of view. Hang in there and be nice to her and to are not a jerk.

  4. How dare you! How much of your own stuff did you throw away?

  5. If all you threw out were the excess that kept a drawer or cabinet from closing, i don't see that as jerk behavior.

  6. I wouldn’t have minded some stuff that was thrown out, but there were other things — just ask me first, is that too much to want?

  7. Well you know, you live there too. It's okay to toss garbage out Cranky. Really, it is.

  8. Maybe the next time you could put everything in a big box and save it and show her what you threw away when she returns. Of course then it may back fire and she'll want to put everything back.


  9. Ssshh! Don't tell anyone and especially not Mrs C, but I would have thrown away the excess too. Random scattered things like the pencil and bobby pin, I would put together in a small jar or dish for easy finding. Hope she's back to normal by now. 20 hour days is very hard work.

    1. Once again...I only tossed excess paper napkins, plastic bags and old receipts. LOL

      Thank you for your support.

  10. OK I confess. I safe bags and anything else that might come in useful and save money.

  11. Careful she does not throw you away.

    God bless.

  12. Don't suppose you hire out. Kind of surprised she noticed since it seems you still left quite a bit. Did you tell her you missed her like you told us? That might have changed the Grr to an Aww.

  13. I've often been tempted to throw out some of my hubby's stuff, but I never do. It's his junk, so let him have it. I just try to look the other way, but I kid you not. He still has some shirts that he's had since before we got married... and we'll be married fifty years in May. (And NO... they don't FIT!)

  14. We too keep the napkins, but we use them. As for rec'ts , if it says Taco Bell, it is in the trash. Other than that, we would hang out with you.

    I suggest mending this rift, buy her the best coffee going, a new book that she would like but would keep forever, etc.

    Best of luck.

  15. wise people save things may be dear Joe

    so i am not wise like your dear wife ,like my husband and specially like my mom

    i so laughed at her savings (sorry) i mean she exactly sounds like my husband who saves receipts and all other stuff

    his savings make waste my all efforts of decorating house so we used to argue a lot over this until now he has two rooms upstairs to keep his deary stuff finally

    best wishes for your days ,hope she gets normal asap

  16. The kitchen was in less disarray than when she left???

    Cranky, if things don't work out between you and Mrs. C and they don't work out between Mr. Peeper and me, I will marry you!!!