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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

TV Hell

TV Hell
I got called for grandchildren sitting duty in Pa.  One day, easy-peasy as the boys are no longer toddlers.  Get them off to school in the morning, and be there when they come home from school.  I arrived to stay the night in the afternoon before anyone was home.

I’d still have plenty of time for computer using, TV watching, and guitar practicing.


My son got a new router and a new password. I did not know the password making computering (it’s a word!) impossible.

OK.  I practiced guitar, but that got tiring after about an hour, probably because I usually practice while watching TV.  As a matter of fact, I usually do everything with the TV…don’t judge…all right judge, what the heck do I care.

“What,” you say, “Your son doesn’t have a TV?”

“Oh yes, he has several, I just did not take a course in 2019 TV 101.”

“How hard could it be?” You ask.

Here are the remotes.

I managed to turn on the TV.  I only wanted to watch news and or sit-com re-runs and maybe a Judge Show or two.

The Direct TV Box would not turn on.  I figured out how to turn on something with a million movie and old TV show options.  I think it was Hulu or Netflix or both and then there was Sling, and YouTube and Internet.  Some of which he may not be a subscriber, I have no idea. Some asked for passwords, and I really didn’t want to watch a movie or old sports stuff anyway.
There was a button where I could ask some lady to just go to the channel I wanted.  She kept saying, "Sorry, I don't know what you are asking!"

I just wanted to watch good old regular TV and it did not seem that he had that. 

AND…tonight is the final of “THE BACHELOR!!!”

I was in near panic.  Then my son came home and to the rescue.

It was all actually pretty simple.  One remote turned on the TV.
Another remote turned on the DTV box, both remotes look identical and have a tiny switch that has to be moved to either DTV, TV or some other stuff that I didn’t need. 
Another remote is for all the Hulu crap I was talking about.  I do not need that remote. 
The volume works on either of the white remotes if they are switched back from DTV BOX to TV and the HTML is set to HTML 2, but the TV speaker is a little funky, so there is another remote that works a special “Much Better” speaker.  Actually, there are two remotes for that, I think either one works.  I have no idea why there are two.

I’ll be watching “The Bachelor” tonight.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to turn the TV off.




  1. That's okay, you can get a lot of TV watching in if you can't turn it off. After all, that's a built in excuse to watch.

  2. Too bad the kids are no longer toddlers and in school all day. They would have known what remotes worked for what and how to get you the program you wanted to watch. Sounded like you needed a master's degree in television watching to be able to qualify to watch television. Too many bells and whistles for me, but I could never figure out our remote when we had cable and now that we have an antenna thingy that picks up local stations, I'm more confused.


  3. I have tried all our remotes. None of them switch off the room conversation to mute when the football is on.

    God bless.

  4. OMG I'm glad I am not the only one with experience of complicated remotes. Suppliers updated my TV and provided me with a couple of remotes, both identical and both complicated. The brain couldn't take it all in. I was glad to surrender the TV and go back to normal with a new set and a simple remote.

  5. We have 4 remotes in the family room and I can't turn on the TV, let alone find a show. Fortunately, I only watch TV when I'm working out in the basement or at night in the master bedroom, so I've learned to master the 2 remote system only. I miss the old days of just using the on/off button.

  6. We just got a Roku TV because it will save us money with our cable bill. I am wondering how many brain cells I will have to give up due to the frustration that I will go through learning how to turn it on.

    Life, it don’t get easier.

  7. Oh this is so me. Hubby has all this down, but I don't. It's TV Hell on steroids if you ask me. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  8. WE need to upgrade our DISH receiver, which we've had for 21 years. I am terrified, and keep putting it off.

  9. Boy do you make me glad I have just the one remote. Phew, life sure got complicated with all this choice.

  10. Off is easy, just press the power button, same as when you turn it on. The rest seems over complicated. Surely you don't need two remotes that both have TV and DTV buttons; you should be able to access either from one remote. As for the sound thing, just use the "improved" sound all the time. Why are TVs made with non-acceptable inferior sound anyway? Just so the companies can make more money by selling a 'sound improver'?

  11. Might I suggest to everyone here, find a person who knows how it all works and get them to write a step-by-step instruction sheet for the options you want to use whether it's everything or just TV, DVD, DTV, etc. Whatever it is you most commonly do/watch, get a 1.-2.-3.- instruction sheet. For joeh, that would mean a sheet for the grandchildren-sitting days, since you know your own TV system well enough.

  12. I was cleaning off the shelf above the TV in our bedroom...yes I have a TV in the bedroom...(dont' judge) and found 3 remotes. I don't think they go to any of the TV's we have. I threw them away. Am I in trouble? Glad you were able to watch the Bachelor!

  13. OMG...I so can relate to this. Since we cut cable a few years ago and we watch a hodgepodge of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, over the air antenna, etc., I have no idea how to figure out the salad bowl of remotes. When my husband was out of town for a week once, I didn't watch any TV. I just didn't know how to turn anything on.