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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

A few weeks back I got a text from fraternity pal, Captain Don.

Getting tickets to My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center March 16 with Joe C and Judy…you in?

Not being a fan of musicals, I responded

I’d rather eat glass!

Unfortunately, he also copied in Mrs. C who responded,

Ignore Cranky, we’re in.

I don’t like musicals.  If the music is good, then I’ll just listen to the record.  Most musicals, the music is really people sing-talking.  It all sounds alike and it all sounds bad. 

I’m pretty sure I’d seen My Fair Lady the movie, how could the stage be better than a movie?

Anyway, we went. 

Joe C drove.  It was a 2 o’clock show, ended at five.  We had wonderful dinner after at Captain Don’s. (Hmm, that’s a great name for a restaurant!)

I’ll bet some of you are thinking,

“You probably had a good time, it should be a great show.”

Some of you would be right.  I did take a short snooze early on, not because the show was bad, I was just tired. 

It turns out I knew all the music and some of the plot, but I never saw the movie or the show before.  I knew all the music because the pieces are so iconic.  The music was great, the singing excellent.

I prefer movies to stage shows, as they can do so much more with sets and effects. 

Stage shows are a special art form. 

I did have a special appreciation for this play.  It was interesting how clever the sets were and how they changed seamlessly.  I was impressed with how the actors went through multiple costume changes, and the fact that they could go through their lines flawlessly. 

The theater was great, not a bad seat in the house.  So OK, I enjoyed the performance. 

That is the difference between the stage and the screen.  On the screen you rate the movie.  On stage you rate the performance.  Comparing the two mediums is like comparing a photo with a painting.  You can do more with a photo, but painting takes a special talent.

Amazing that this story has been around for 60 or more years and I didn’t even know how it turned out.  Let me just say, I was happy Eliza left Henry. 

Henry Higgins was a dick!
Anyway; great show, great friends, great food...much better than eating glass.

As an aside, due to a recent post, I received in the mail today two boxes of Samoa’s, my favorite cookie that Mrs. C hides under dish towels.  They were sent by Captain Don.  What a thoughtful guy.  I just mention something I love in a post, and he sends me two boxes.

Thanks Captain Don…and, just a thought, I have always wanted a Porsche Boxter.


  1. Musicals can be fun, i'm glad you didn't go with a determination to hate it and that you ended up having a good time.

  2. I'm betting you now will get a Porsche Boxter for Christmas. Matchbox sized of course. I did that to my sons when they wanted cars for Christmas :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I agree Henry Higgins was a dickhead. Theatre is much harder than movies, you have to have it all memorised, dialogue and movements and then there's the costume changes, with no cutting room floor to remove mistakes like they have for films.

  3. Sounded like a great production and an enjoyable time with friends. I think I've seen parts of My Fair Lady, but not the whole thing. I didn't know she left Henry Higgins, so obviously I haven't seen the whole thing.

    You know what I was impressed about was a few of the Children's Theater performances we saw when we were living in the San Diego area. A friend at the time had her daughter participating in them. We saw The Sound of Music and for the life of me I can't remember the other one right now, but they were professionally done with the sets often being changed throughout the performance, expertly by children as they were acting. Amazing!


  4. this is nice that you enjoyed the show inspite of all snoozing dear Joe!

    live performances must be appreciated as they are quite a tough job

    in school i used to take part in stage shows and most of them were written by me ,writing was easy but performance was hard task

    i still doubt our teachers and principal laughed just to encourage me lol

  5. Just imagine if all of us had to communicate with each other in song. On TV, the news, interviews, the weather forecast, and everything else delivered in song. You phone for a pizza in song. You talk to your wife in song. Everything in song. Wouldn't life be great?

    God bless.

  6. No comment on the show except to agree with your views. Live isn't always easy to watch!
    Now, could you introduce me to your friend, see if I can get a Porsche Boxer?!

  7. I'm sure I know all the songs from piano lessons, but have never seen the actual musical. Sounds like fun to me.

  8. Sounds like a good time. As for the Samoas, I'm wondering how fast you plan to eat them.

  9. I don't think your mail box is big enough.

    1. They would probably fit in most mailboxes, not in my tiny Townhouse Association mailbox, they were left on my from step via Fed Ex or one of those.

  10. So glad it was better than grazing. It has been years since I saw a live play. Enjoyed them at the time but not sure I would today. Like you I have gotten use to special effects. You were a sport and the cookies had to be a great bonus.

  11. I've never been to any musical, so I would have been "in" just for the new experience! Glad you liked it.