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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How Do You Brush Your Teeth?

How Do You Brush Your Teeth?
Well, last week I posted about an old sponge.  I posted because it was a sponge with a face and after lots of use the face looked like it was terrified.  I thought it was funny.  I did not expect it to start a sponge maintenance conversation.

I say “lots of use” because when I said a year, many people were shocked that we use a sponge that long.  There was concern for all the germs and stuff that grows on old sponges.  We are warned about this at least once a week on the six o’clock news when there is no story about impeachment. 

I do not know how long we use a sponge, we don’t keep a record of the date.  We use it long enough, probably not a year.

Of course, it takes maybe one day of use for a sponge to collect germs and get all yucky, even though it is soaked in suds and wrung out.  I choose to use my sponges for longer than a day…I’m a rebel like that.

With the many comments on proper sponge usage, I thought I would post on something else controversial.  Tooth brushing.

I brush back and forth.  I am sure many people brush up and down.  Occasionally I do both in a single brushing, but I am generally a back and forth brusher.

I use a vibrating tooth brush.  I think maybe the vibrating part replicates the up and down while I back and forth it.  I do know that the vibrating brush combined with the way I lean against the counter while brushing makes me have to pee after brushing, therefore I always brush before I pee, otherwise I would have to pee twice.

I will not show a picture of my tooth brush. It is a bit warn and I’m sure would not pass muster with many people.  I think you are supposed to get a new one every month.  I don’t…I’m a rebel.

I do rinse it after every use and run my thumb over the bristles to dry it out.  Don’t worry, I wash my thumb before I run it over the bristles…I’m not an animal!

I am also aware from slow news day 6 o’clock segments that the bath room is very germy.  Studies show that your tooth brush is teeming with germs and even…gulp…FECES!!

It is a dangerous world we live in people, when a sponge and even your tooth brush is not safe.  But I think maybe over usage of my tooth brush and sponge has made my body immune of most household germs and even…gulp…FECES!!!  Hell, dogs eat poop and it does not make them sick.

Before you advise me of further dental hygiene rules; I do floss and water pick often…I’m not sure if the water pick does not maintain some water in the reservoir and breed you know what…but then I am a rebel.


  1. Pop the sponge in the microwave once in so often and kill the germs, and wash the toothbrush with soap, and that takes care of most of it. We need germs for our immune systems to fight, after all, or all the immune system will do is attack us.

  2. I was mostly surprised at the sponge lasting so long because mine tend to rip and fall apart after about six weeks or even sooner if I buy the cheap brand.
    Toothbrushing? Mostly an up and down circular combination with particular attention to the gum lines where I'll angle the brush to about 45 degrees to make sure that area is cleaned. I just have a regular toothbrush, not an electric one, because my teeth are super sensitive and an electric one made my whole mouth hurt from the vibrations. I brush all teeth surfaces, visible and the tongue side, then get right up the back and brush behind the back teeth before rinsing out, then I brush my tongue with the same brush, no special tongue cleaner brushes here, it's all the same mouth for cripes sake! I'll floss before brushing and final rinse with diluted mouthwash, the whole routine at night, the same without flossing in the mornings. I don't have a water pick.

  3. Water pick! You DO live in Hoity-Toityville! At least you're not using your sponge to clean your teeth. You'd probably have more time for proper sponge maintenance and oral hygiene if you got rid of your TV.

  4. Now I may dispose of my sponges weekly but I tend to hold on to my toothbrush a bit longer than probably advised. "They" (whoever they are) say you should change out your toothbrush (especially your children's toothbrushes) after a sickness. Heck if I did that when the kids were younger we would be doing that weekly at least. I brush side to side and up to down. I may change the toothbrush in 6 months or maybe not. I can't remember how long I have had this one......


    1. After illness we soaked our toothbrushes in mouthwash or denture cleaner/steriliser for a night.

  5. a very interesting post dear Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i also used to brush up and forth but with time along with many other things which in my opinion is wise i learnt to brush up and down

    we change our brushes after one to three months when they seem dull

    i rinse all the brushes of family with hot water

    i agree with your last statement that SOMETIME our bodies be successful in creating strong defense against germs because they are familiar to them already

  6. I do disinfect my toothbrush extremely occasionally! Don't use a sponge, should I disinfect my flannel?

  7. I did a post many years ago about black mold that grew on my tooth brush. Our master bath in our old house was very small, so I suspect it was the humidity from the shower. Very gross!

  8. If you put a damp sponge in the microwave for 1 minute it will kill all the badness. Do that about once a week and you're good. That's what we do.

    I say at least you brush your teeth. I'm not going to tell you how. If you still have teeth then you've been doing it right.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  9. Good grief there are just things I don't want to have to think about. If I think about feces on my toothbrush I will have to open a new every day. I may have to start brushing my teeth in the kitchen and that is gross in and of itself. And now I am wondering how long has it been since anyone used that old expression about having to eat a peck of dirt before you die?

  10. So glad you are not an animal:)) That gave me a giggle. According to a health movie I saw in the first grade, start at gum line and brush down and avoid the up. It is a rolling motion. I guess the "up" can push stuff under your gums. I rinse my electric toothbrush in peroxide, brush, than rinse it again in peroxide before putting a little hood on it called a Steripod. Like Sandee said, those of us who still have teeth are doing it right.

  11. I put my sponge in the dishwasher. Toothbrush is about to be replaced by a water pic.

    Dental hygienists approve of my teeth. Now, a new one says I have been doing it all wrong. Sigh.

  12. I do agree that bathrooms can be germy. I recommend people should brush their teeth out in the garden. And they should never brush their teeth with a sponge; whether new or a year old. Putting the sponge in a microwave is not recommended because the germs might be killed but they are still there, dead in the sponge and or in the microwave. Putting one's head in the microwave is not recommended either because the door will not shut.

    I speak with scientific authority. I read all this in a science book I am writing.

    God bless.

  13. I use an electric toothbrush now (my dentist said I was brushing too hard). When I used a regular toothbrush, I changed it out every three months. The only way I could remember to do that was doing it as the seasons changed. First day of spring? Time to switch.