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Wednesday, March 27, 2019



I know I have declared this site to be a politics free zone, however, in this time of political turmoil, I am going to make an exception and voice my opinion.

In the elections of days gone by, I have often been disturbed by how shallow our electorate can be.  I have found this to be especially true of our estrogen positive electorate.

I have known many women where if you asked a question about a candidate, their first observation was,

“I’m not so sure, but he is kinda cute.”

Yes, I realize this is a sexist observation, but sometimes the basis of a sexist comment is overt sexist behavior.

Just look at our last Presidents from the time that there was a TV in almost every home.

John F. Kennedy - As handsome as he was charming.

LBJ - Doesn’t count, he stepped in from Vice President.

Richard Nixon -  Also doesn’t count, he ran against Hubert Humphrey, a great man, a good politician, but even less attractive than Nixon.

Gerald Ford - Still doesn’t count, another VP that slipped in…actually not too bad looking for a clumsy bald dude.

Jimmy Carter- A good looking man, with a very attractive wife. 

Ronald Reagan - An ex-movie star, clearly a handsome man.

George H.W. Bush - My ex-wife, a very liberal woman, often gushed that she had a bit of a crush on him for his athletic good looks.

Bill Clinton - A rock-star, he had the ladies swooning all the way to the polls.

George W. Bush - He inherited his father’s good looks.

Barrack Obama -  Another rock star in looks and demeanor.

Donald Trump - OK, maybe not so much, but he is 72 years old.  In the day, many found him to be a handsome man.

Think about it, if any of these men had bulbous noses with warts and big bald misshapen heads, would they have ever been president?

I don’t think so.

Lately with the many Democrats lining up to run for President, or take over the house I find myself in sympathy with the segment of the electorate that has different body parts than I.

When asked about my opinion of the new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I find myself responding,

“She is kinda cute.”

What do you think of Elizabeth Warren?

“She’s attractive, probably was a hotty back in the day.”

Would you vote for Kamala Harris?

“Well, she is a good-looking lady.”

What do you think of the qualifications of Kirstin Gillibrand?

“Not sure, isn’t she that really cute New Yorker?”

Should Nancy Pelosi retire?

“She is not getting any younger, but she’s still puts it together pretty well.”

What do you think about Sarah Palin’s intellect?

“I have no idea, but she’s still hot!”

I probably should not be allowed to vote!


  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. Perhaps you should look into their qualifications, not their looks.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  2. Those are as good a reason as any to vote for a politician.

  3. I know you are doing this as humor, but I'm thinking there is a group of people who vote like this. That is what worries me.


  4. I mean, I guess JFK was attractive by that day's standards, but I truly don't find any of the other men on that list to be what I'd call 'cute' or 'hot.' I really never understood the appeal of Clinton to so many women, but maybe it was his personality? And I was surprised that so many men thought that Palin was attractive, but I guess more guys go for the hot librarian look than I would have thought!

  5. People are shallow, that is all there is to it.

    JFK was good lookin' with lots of personality. Reagan was also with even more personality and a stronger moral compass. As for the women, you failed to mention the D-NY Ocasio-Cortez. Now there's a hottie.

    1. Actually she was first on my list "When asked about my opinion of the new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I find myself responding,

      “She is kinda cute.”

      I got eyes!

  6. That's the way I choose who cuts my hair at the barber's; which check-out I go to when paying at the supermarket, which Post Office counter I approach when I want stamps, and other occasions when I have a choice. I once got home very late from work because all the bus drivers going my way were men. Eventually, a bus came with a cute lady driver.

    God bless.

  7. Oh, no. "Even less attractive than Nixon." As my grandpa would have said, "That's a-goin' some!"

  8. Ok, in the back of my mind, though not the reason for my vote, I do factor the looks of the candidates also but looks are not conclusive. Hubert got my vote over Nixon.

  9. Observing from north of the border, and remembering every president from Truman onwards, most of their looks have been moulded, in my mind, by their intelligence, intentions and actions while in office, and none have come out the more handsome for it. Judged by that standard most look like the second cousin to a toad. LBJ redeemed himself with his stand on civil rights, but there's that Vietnam thing which definitely gave him warts and a greenish cast. We'll call him a draw. Obama is the exception. That man lights up any room he walks into with that gorgeous smile. Toads don't look out for people too brainwashed to know what's good for them, like breathing, drinking unpolluted water, and having access to medical care when needed. We've had government-insured health care since the 1960s and despite the screams of pending disaster about "socialized medicine" from the GOP Canadians live an average of 8-10 years longer than Americans, and the maternal mortality rate in the US is double that of Canada's.

    1. My post is not really a serious political statement looking for controversy and discourse...I generally delete those pushing a political agenda, but as first time commentor from the great state of Canada (it's a joke!) I will allow it this time.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    2. My quick research shows Canadians live on average 3 yeas longer, not 8-10, but then they have to live them in Canada! Just kidding, Canadians are the best. My Canadian relatives are double cheek greeting kissers, they say it is a Canadian thing.

  10. Our governor (Michigan) is cuter than your governor. . .

    1. Well my Governor is a dude, so...

      I Googled your Gov. Oh yeah she is a knockout!

  11. I haven't taken much notice of what your presidents look like, just seeing them on the news here whenever they got sworn in or something. I did like Obama and his family, they are all nice looking. I've seen Donald Trump in old movies a couple of times, even younger his looks don't appeal at all. None of our Prime Ministers have been handsome, not in my eyes anyway, and I couldn't tell you what the latest one looks like without googling a photo.

  12. Oh, Joe, I fear I must agree with your conclusion. But you are kinda good looking.

  13. When someone is trying out for an orchestra, s/he sits behind a screen and plays the instrument so those who decide who is hired are not influenced by anything but performance. How i wish there were a way to do something similar with political candidates.

  14. Oh my gosh you make me laugh! Fun post but now I could never run for public office. If I would lose my first thought would be: "Dang, I must be uglier than Hubert Humphrey!"

  15. oh dear i am tried of laughing

    when here our new prime minister was elected it was said in new
    "one of the most handsome prime minister "
    and it made me laugh

    does it matter how a parliamentarian looks ?

    all matters is jobs and decisions which mostly make us suffer

    when i call someone cute i tell about the innocence reflecting through her or his personality not looks

  16. I remember a lot of comments about Palin being a "hot hockey mom."