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Friday, March 15, 2019


Anyone remember DIBS?

As kids, “dibs” was the tie breaker, the entitlement call that ended an argument before it even started.

If there was only one piece of pie left after dessert the first sibling to yell,

“’Dibs’ on the pie.”

Got the pie.  No argument, unless “dibs” was yelled at the same time.  Dibs” was all powerful.

Going for a drive, yelling “Shotgun” to get that preferred front seat was not good enough.  Dibs on shotgun” was the winner.  Kind of like not answering “What is…” on “Jeopardy”

Where did “DIBS” come from?  Who invented it? How did every generation come to use it?  Why don’t we use it today?

The next Presidential election is warming up.  The Democrats have almost 10 candidates lined up all ready.  The time and money to select a final candidate is going to be astronomical.

Why not just let the first candidate yell “’Dibs’ on the nomination!” and end it at that.

“Whose running in 2020 against Trump?”

“Kamala, she called ‘Dibs’ first.”

“What about Cory?” 

“He was first, but he called ‘Spartacus’, not ‘Dibs’.”

“Do you think she’ll win the election?”

“Hard to say, Trump already called ‘Dibs’ on the Presidency, but I think the voters get the final say on who called ‘Dibs’ first.”

Hillary called ‘Dibs’ in 2006, I think there is a rule against yelling ‘Dibs’ before the prize is offered.

It might not be good policy in an adult world, but “Dibs” sure would make things simpler.


  1. Ha! That sure makes me giggle! Dibs, indeed.

  2. I do remember Dibs. I also know that I know hardly anything about the 10 candidates so far that have thrown their names into the field. I'm sure it will be like in 2015 with the Republicans. Lots signed up but then slowly but surely the field got narrowed and shortened.

    Now if only they used the money for political campaigns for something worthwhile like providing programs for those who are homeless who truly want to get off the streets.


  3. It would certainly cut down on the stress for those of us who have to watch this whole circus.

  4. I hear Dibs and Shotgun quite often, every time I watch The Big Bang Theory. Whenever a car ride is suggested Sheldon calls Shotgun as he runs down the stairs to the car, because he doesn't drive but likes to be in front and he calls Dibs whenever something is offered generally to whoever is there and he wants it.

  5. Maybe it's a regional thing. I've never heard anyone around here call DIBS! I hadn't heard of it until second grade, when I was reading a horsey kind of paperback book that had come in my Scholastic Book order, probably at the price of 45 cents. The characters were running down a hill at summer camp, headed for the stables, and one of them yelled, "Dibs on Queenie!" It took me forever to figure out what that meant. Quite perplexing for a future valedictorian.

    SHOTGUN, though, is shouted all the time. Sometimes it is honored, sometimes a scuffle ensues.

  6. Lol on calling dibs in politics. Reminds me of that Haribo gummy bears commercial with adults in a boardroom talking in little kid voices. The maturity level of most politicians seems to be fitting with calling dibs.

  7. I wrote to our local authorities and suggested that elections should be resolved by having the candidates on TV playing paper scissors rock. They ignored me and did not reply.

    God bless.

  8. Hmm, I don't hear anyone call dibs anymore, but I certainly heard it when I was a kid ~ shotgun too! But Mom always got that seat, so we never yelled it out, tee hee.

  9. Dibs wasn't in my area or maybe era but I have heard it a bunch on TV. If it would just cut down on the number of candidates, it would have my vote:)

  10. I wonder if Debs ever yelled Dibs on the Presidency. If he did it didn't do him much good.

  11. I remember "Dibs". I grew up with 5 siblings and you had to be fast!

  12. I remember the Seinfeld episode. "He called it."