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Monday, December 4, 2017

What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?
Mrs. Left me alone Saturday to spend a few days at Disneyworld with a friend.  Why didn’t I go with them?  I hate Disney World.  I know every spot the damn cannon balls fall in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride.  I took a pass.  It is not the only time Mrs. C has left me alone, what could go wrong?
The big issue of the trip was how to get these two to the airport, Newark Liberty, about 20 minutes away.   Should she drive and pay about $75 for long term parking, or trust me to drive her car from the airport, and later to the airport to pick them up.  It has to be her car; my Jeep is too small.  I have never driven her car, she won’t let me as she is afraid I will adjust the seat and mirrors and she won’t get them where she likes them.  What is that you say?  I KNOW RIGHT!
Anyway, it was decided I could be chauffer for two 20-minute trips.  What could go wrong?
The night before, we checked our EZPass statement as I had just seen an email that our balance was low.
I double checked the email and my LOW balance was actually in the red $15. 
We seldom use a toll road, plus we signed up with a credit card which is supposed to automatically keep a minimum $25 balance.  How did the balance get to the negative?
After much head scratching and internet probing we determined that.
1.    In November we had a balance of $9, and they sent an email warning the balance was low.
2.    On December 1 we were charged $25 for not keeping a balance above $15…who knew.
3.    We then realized that I had replaced the credit card as I thought it was lost, so the balance could not be automatically updated.  
Thanks for telling us that our card was declined!
We updated the account with the new card information, and moved funds to put us in a positive $25 balance.  I planned to call later and demand the @25 charge be removed.  All seemed OK, except we were advised to not use the pass for 48 hours…well that sucks.
The next day I checked the balance, and they received my deposit and they even removed the $25 charge.  We now had a $50 credit balance.
“Well that’s good, and I guess we can use the tag now as the money is in the account.” 
What could go wrong?
Mrs. C drove to the airport, grabbed her luggage, gave me a hug and told me to drive careful… “AND DON’T ADJUST ANYTHING!!”
As I drove off, the car started beeping at me.  “What the fudge?” The emergency brake was still on.  Mrs. C never uses the emergency brake.  Mrs. C makes fun of me because I always use the emergency brake.
“CRAP!” I pulled a lever to release the brake and the hood popped open.  “CRAP!”
I pulled over and could not find the release.  I called Mrs. C who is known for her inability to describe directions.
“Where is the brake release and why is it on, you never use it?”
“It is on the dash to the left, just push it.”
“I see nothing.”
“The red button says brake.”
“There is no button on the dash!”
“Just tap it with your foot.”
“What?  My foot? On the dash?”
“No, by the brake pedal.”
“OK, ok, I found it.  Holy Hell what were you talking about with a button on the dash?”
“Just drive safely!”
“I will.” 
What could go wrong?
On the way home, I drove on to the Turnpike through the EZPass lane and the sign flashed, “Call EZPass.” *
When I got home I called EZPass customer service.  I explained what happened and used my old-man-card in saying I didn’t understand their 48 hour wait request.  I was told they may pick up the toll correctly, but I may receive a letter telling me I was being charged $53 for a violation.  Just call and explain and the charge will probably be forgiven.
I thanked her and hung up relieved.
What could go wrong?
*Mrs. C took back roads to the airport avoiding tolls…I hate the back roads.


  1. That Nuclear Plant/Spider Farm sign has me worried. Will there be house-sized glow in the dark spiders in your future?

  2. All that sounds like one nightmarish nightmare! Reading it made me elated that I had got rid of my car.

  3. One thing i know better than to ask is "what could go wrong?" because the answer is "you would be amazed!"

  4. I had quite the time with Bay Area Fastrak over the summer claiming I didn't pay to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, even though I had the confirmation number and name of agent to prove it. Glad your problem got resolved!

  5. Hopefully, it won't take hours on the phone to straighten that out.

    I started getting warnings from my electric company for the same sort of credit card issue last month. Nothing but fun.

  6. Goodness your turnpike authority is cranky. Sorry but I cracked up at your awful trip. Lost it when the hood popped open. But hey, you have a few days of pure freedom to recoup---enjoy.

  7. Everything can go wrong. At least you made it home in one piece. I would have adjusted everything to my liking though. I think it's dangerous not to, but what could go wrong?

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. You know Murphy wasn't just whistlin' Dixie when he made up that law.

  9. Sounds like one of the days my husband and I have. I let him drive my car all the time as HIS car is just for hauling and boat towing....egad.

  10. Wow, she has you walking a thin line. LOL! It seems here I can't drive to a 7-11 without getting on a toll road. I figure I spend abort $1000 a year on toll roads, all because they wouldn't raise taxes enough to pay to build "free" roads? Either way I'm out the money...what's the difference?

  11. I can't imagine what could go wrong. Fortunately, thanks to you I don't have to imagine.

  12. Don't be pulling levers while you're driving! I almost had to restart my heart when YOU PULLED OVER AFTER THE HOOD POPPED OPEN.

  13. adjusting the mirror ?
    that what taxi driver's fav job ,right?

    i am glad nothing went wrong and you were back safely

  14. Sometimes I adjust the seat in Cindy's car just to see that look on her face...

    I have never had the need for one of those transponders for the toll roads, my daughter did get a violation in the mail for like fifty bucks, the violation was in San Francisco but she was in Texas at the time, the picture wasn't even her car, she like to never got that straightened out.