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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stupid Headlines 121017

Stupid Headlines 121017

It’s time again for
That narrows down the time line

 This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.


Miss Russia contestant mocked on Instagram over size of her feet – I suspect those mocking her are flat hand clappers.
Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Sign language interpreter delivered gibberish, confusion at Tampa serial killer news conference – This is not funny, and yet I laughed…I am a bad person.  It made me think of the SNL routine where Garrett Morris would yell the headlines for the hard of hearing.

Michigan candidate suggests ending harassment by voting for someone 'who doesn't have a penis' – If that requires photo confirmation, I’m against it!

Oklahoma police release body cam footage of former state senator caught with underage male – Please be a Democrat, please be a Democrat…CRAP!

Guy takes date for romantic dinner, steals her credit card and laptop – Other than that, he was a complete gentleman.

Washington man tells police Trump told him to fight 'lizard people' – That Trump; now he is an Anti-lizardite.

Outrage as Philly pushes through ban on bulletproof glass in crime-plagued neighborhood shops – I think it is the only fair thing, thieves are at a disadvantage in a stick-up if they can’t shoot the clerks.

New Jersey ice cream shop accused of sexism over cow derriere logo – The shops name is “Dairy Aire” the logo is a cartoon cow with a naked ass.  The complaint was the logo is too sexy.  IT IS A CARTOON, IT IS A COW.  The store is “Dairy Aire” it is a joke.  Have these people every seen Betty Boop?  Now THAT is sexy!

McDonald's employee wearing antlers reportedly suspended for head-butting customer over nuggets – You order from the dollar menu, and you get a buck.

'Obese' squirrel caught stealing candy from New Jersey house – Squirrel was later found in the Passaic River wearing concrete boots.

245-million-year old fossil looks like Darth Vader, scientists say – And a baby fossil nearby looks just like Mark Hamill.

And The FEEL-GOOD Story of the week:

Carjacker pulled his gun on three brothers, cops say. But it wasn’t his gun for long. – I don’t advocate violence, but a dickwad getting a well-deserved ass whipping does make me feel good…is that wrong?


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  1. We live in Amish country here in Ohio and believe me, we're always smelling that Dairy Aire!

  2. While i think Dairy Aire is a bit silly, i would certainly not consider the pun so bad as to lead to protests. Those brothers who stopped the carjacker rock!

  3. People have gone off the rails about certain things. Get a life.

    I love the feel good story. I also love a happy ending.

    I linked this post (for the last time) to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  4. "New Jersey ice cream shop accused of sexism over cow derriere logo"

    I thought that was the motto of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism...."Come smell our dairy air".

  5. My brother has a saying 'Stupid should hurt'. Looks like this time it did.

  6. I had almost forgotten the SNL where Garrett Morris would yell the headlines for the hard of hearing. That was hysterical.

  7. Who takes her laptop on a romantic date? She was asking for it!

  8. Had to laugh at "Please be a Democrat." I do the same thing for the other side and am too often disappointed.

  9. I think the Dairy-Aire label rocks!!

  10. Thanks as always for the much needed laughs.

  11. she is ready with her job.. profession.
    oh... jesus i can't control to laugh...
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  12. I'm just glad they caught the Tampa serial killer. The sign language interpreter is just typical Florida news.

    LOL at Dairy Aire!