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Friday, December 29, 2017

COMPLIMENTS – A Facebook Observation

COMPLIMENTS – A Facebook Observation
Facebook is great for keeping up with friends.  It is great for funny cat videos.  It is not so great when it comes to solving problems in the country, it is a bit divisive but that is not my latest Facebook observation.
This observation is about the different way men and women will make comments.
Periodically people will change their profile picture on Facebook.  I have noticed that women will never say anything mean about one of these pictures.  Well not outwardly mean anyway, I suspect there is a secret lady code to these “Compliments.”
Woman to woman:
“You look as beautiful as ever.”  “You haven’t aged a bit.”  “Lovely picture.”
All of these mean “Girl, you ugly!”
“Beautiful!” “Sexy.” “Very Pretty.”
All of these mean “You look almost as good as I do.”
A Guys comments are a little different.
Man to woman:
“Damn girl!” “Woot, woo!” “Wow, very hot!”
All of these mean just what they say when they come from a dude.  Guys will compliment a lady or will not comment at all; and by compliment, I mean borderline sexual harassment.
Women are more less evasive on a man’s new profile

Woman to man:
“Handsome.”  “Very distinguished looking.”
These mean “You are handsome, or You are looking very distinguished.”
“Long time no see.” Or “How have you been.”
These mean “Damn, what happened to you? you ugly!”
Men will almost NEVER say anything nice about a guy’s profile picture:

Man to man:
“Dude, you need to hit the gym.” “Damn, get in shape.”
This generally means “Dude you look jacked up!”
“Dang are you an ugly dude!”
This means “You’re looking good…for a guy.”
“Man are you fat!”
This means “You are fat.”
“You are very handsome and in very good shape.”
This means “I am very gay.”
I know some of you will tell me that that is why you are not on Facebook.  Good point, but you are missing some really funny cat videos.


  1. I definitely won't return to Facebook... I might not like the comments. I had a conversation just today about FB and the dangers of not knowing who is reading your comments to friends or looking at your pictures.

  2. Good translations, haha that is why my profile is of my dog. I can't take the heat.

  3. I feel as though people who are constantly changing their profile pic are just looking for compliments, so I ignore!

    I'm at the point where I have unfollowed half of my 'friends.' I don't want to give up the Jimmy Fallon videos.

  4. Sadly I think you are right. I only have a fake Facebook account set up by my niece so I can check out the family progress. I'll have to pay attention to the comments now on other's accounts since my niece rejects all my friend requests. I am the silent lurker.

  5. I am on FB and I have miss-translated all of this stuff if you are right...!

  6. I can happily live without the cat videos!!

  7. I'm on Facebook - because of family across the country. Lately I have not been making any comments. I just lay low, or lurk...

  8. I have a facebook account which I check a couple times a year. I'll have messages on there from people I know like, "Are you available to meet about that thing that needs to be done by next week?" and the message will be 5 months old, as though no one realizes I'm on there twice a year.

    I try to stay away from posting pictures of myself. I wonder what people would say.

  9. You are a very good translator, i think you know of what you speak!

  10. I am not on Facebook, but your translation sounds pretty accurate for how guys and gals relate.

  11. I don't do Facebook anymore, and I still manage to see more cat videos than I need to. Happy New Year.

  12. I had to get off FaceBook. At least every other week someone would tell me, "I got a friend request from you and we are already friends. You've been hacked. Change your password right away." Well finally I just plain ran out of passwords.

  13. Oh dang. I'm on Facebook every night. I need to learn the language!!!