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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Deny, Deny, Deny

Deny, Deny, Deny
There was a funny bit on that ancient TV show “Guide for the Married Man” called Deny, Deny, Deny.  The premise was if you are caught doing something wrong, simply deny it convincingly enough and your accuser will think he/she must be mistaken.

In the skit, a husband is caught in bed cheating on his wife.  As she is asking what is going on, the man casually gets dressed and to every accusation his  wife makes he simply says “What?" Or "Why?” The woman dresses and leaves, the husband acts as if nothing happened and the wife eventually believes she imagined the whole thing.
Deny, Deny, Deny!
Mrs. C just mumbled a name at me (Ass) and I asked her "WHAT?"  She attempted to deny calling me an ass under her breath.  Cranky is not that gullible…anymore.
Years ago, I was dating a young lady who on one particular night told me she was busy.  I accepted that and went to hang out with my old high school friend Charley.
When driving to Charley’s, I passed my girlfriend chatting with another guy.  WTF!! I turned around, and she saw me.  She left in her VW and drove home.  I followed her to her house and watched her go inside.  I was seething, but decided not to challenge her at that moment.
The next day I asked,
“Why were you were talking to some guy last night and I thought you were busy?”
“Last night, I saw you talking to someone and when you saw me you left, I followed you home.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Last night, I saw you.”
“Are you crazy?  I was home all night.”
“But I saw you, you were talking to some guy and you left before I could stop and see what was going on.”
“Look, I don’t know what you are talking about, but if you go around following every girl in a VW you are going to get in trouble.”
That was it, I just figured I was crazy and dropped the subject before she got angry with me.  Years later I learned of a high school Spanish teacher who had a penchant for young girls.  My girl friend was taking Spanish III at the time.  I’m pretty sure she was seeing this teacher, and there was probably some monkey business going on.
That or I just imagined the whole thing…I have never been sure.

Deny, Deny, Deny : Joey Bishop and Imagene Coco:


  1. I've always been so dumb. To be so smooth to deceive, I would never be able to do. But I have witnessed the best. I worked in an alternative school several years. There were a few pros who came into my classroom. Cheers.

  2. Deny isn't 100% foolproof. Really the best thing is to never do what you wouldn't want to be caught doing. Of course that might mean a dull life, but some of us prefer dull over having to keep track of who you've lied to and what you said.

  3. Hmmm, it sounds like a strategy that would backfire after a while. Perhaps Mrs. C was simply noting not that you are an a$$, but that your behavior at that moment resembled one. There is a difference, as even a good person can have a bad moment.

  4. i have never found it an effective strategy to mutter under my breath. If someone is being an ass I feel compelled to let them know loud and clear. He may still deny, but he knows I am not fooled!

  5. Just a note: The intent of this post was to poke fun at an old TV skit and a devious old girl all take these posts way too serious. We had a good laugh over the under the breath comment...sheesh!

    1. Oh. I should probably read that through again.

  6. These are fun shows to watch. Going through this for real, not so much. I was married to a guy like this a long time ago. He's not doing his thing with another poor soul.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. Hick uses this strategy all the time. I don't fall for it. I was a TEACHER, by cracky!

  8. I'll tuck that little tip away for future use lol.

  9. I've tried the deny, deny, deny routine before but the older I get the less gullible Miss Cindy becomes.

  10. So that is what I was forgetting to do. Now you tell me:)

  11. Oh, the old play dumb routine. Sometimes works!

  12. Heehee, I'm glad I read your comment before commenting. I might have said all the wrong

  13. I LOVED that movie!!

  14. My ex would deny much like that video and I did start to think I was the crazy one. He always told me I was "imaging things." and it almost set me crazy.

  15. For a while that worked with my kids when I had finished the brownies they were after...but then they got older and smarter, dammit.