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Monday, December 11, 2017


A re-run from 2013

I thought this re-run might be interesting in lieu of all the sexual harassment that is in the news these days.  I included some of the comments from ladies on the original post as I found them especially interesting.
I recently read a very entertaining blog from “Mommy Bags” where MB mentioned she knew a reality show contestant was a pervert well before he was accused and convicted of dealing in child pornography.  It is not the first time I have been aware of this extra sense that women seem to possess; PERVDAR!
Years ago, when I was a supervisor of about 20 clerical workers, there was a guy whom I’ll call Ralph.  The unit I supervised required people to pair off in order to perform their function.  There were three women to every man in this unit.  None of the women wanted to work side by side with Ralph.

Ralph seemed like a nice guy to me.  He was clean cut, reasonably good looking; he liked sports, was polite and had a good sense of humor.

“He’s just weird, I can’t tell you why.” Is the response I would get when I inquired why women would not work with Ralph.  

“I can’t tell you, you’d have to be a woman” was another common response.

I always paired Ralph off with another man, and there was never an incident.  Ralph was not the best worker, but he was adequate, and he came to work on time.  He was laid off one year when the company was not making enough money to make the stockholders happy.

Several years after Ralph left the company, I was riding a crowded NYC subway.  I was seated and nodding off when a woman woke me with a loud rant:

“You touch my ass one more time and I’m going to cut off your Mother-Fu*king dick!” (You don’t want to mess with NYC women.)   

“Wha what?  I didn’t do nothing!”

“Listen dickwad, every time the train shifts you rub against my ass.  One more time and I will knee you so hard you’ll be talking through your balls!”

“I didn’t do nothing!”

I felt a little sorry for this dude.  It is sometimes difficult to avoid bumping into people on a crowded subway.  Then I looked up at the culprit.  It was Ralph!  Apparently it was not just difficult for Ralph to avoid contact it was also very hard!

I don’t know what the ladies saw, they never could really tell me, but from that point on I totally believed in women’s PERVDAR!
Comments from 2013 especially interesting is from Val

You know, of course, that we women learn this skill in the twilight zone!!

I think that this is a learned skill we have, not an inherit one.


Oh, we know. There's the flirty perv, who is basically harmless, just lacks game, and ogles your V-neck sweater area at the copy machine in an attempt to start a dialogue.

There's the "very friendly" perv who likes to drape his arm around your shoulders, pull you sideways against him in a hug, and call you "Babe."

Then there's the power perv, in a position of authority, who likes to massage your shoulders when he wanders in to have a chat, and says things like, "Or you can take it out in trade."

And the only reason a guy sits behind two women deep in conversation in a mostly empty stadium or arena is because he plans to "take it out."

I have a good sense of pervdar. There are some people that you just don't want to be around, even at the cost of being rude. Like Lowandslow said, there are people you will not get on the elevator with…

Man, when that little internal voice speaks, you LISTEN! 

  1. My girls had good pervert radar from a young age, around four or so. Their dad would bring mates home to watch the footy etc and sometimes the girls would be in and out of the room talking to their dad, fetching beers etc, other times they'd stay away from the living room and even promises of 50 cents per beer wouldn't get them in there. They knew. Maybe they picked up vibes from me to begin with, but it helped keep them safe all through their growing up years.
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  3. I wonder if Ralph changed his name because this post sounds exactly like the maintenance man at my last job!


  1. I don't know how I knew ... but I knew. I've just spend ten minutes trying to work it out and failed. It's instinct, pure and simple.

  2. Yes, there's a weird feeling i get with some men. They are the ones i would not want to have in their home or office while i was cleaning it unless the wife is there, too.

  3. It seems pretty obvious to most women. I separate it by the guys who give off a creepy vibe and the ones who just like to talk about sex (jokes, etc.) The creepy ones are the ones you need to worry about.

  4. Statistically only 3% of women who complain are wrong, exaggerating or believe what they say.

  5. It is rarely anything obvious--which would be more helpful to those with out the "dar".

  6. I believe it. Women have senses beyond the normal 5 us mortal men do. They scare me. :)

  7. Gosh. Reading back, it seems like I'm not only a weirdo magnet, but also a perv magnet!

  8. MY first husband was a perv. I should post about that one day.

  9. My wife has it I know. She worked with a woman and her husband in the clothing merchandising business. She told me that the husband creeped her out whenever she was around him. He never actually bothered her, but he later was charged with abusing his own daughter over a period of several years.

  10. Women are much more intuitive than men so I'm not surprised they'd notice this more.

  11. FYI to you know who: Yes, your comments are deleted as fast as I see them, I do not read past the first word or two. Your comments in the past have always just been annoying and I don't have time for such negativity in my life. I've always respected you for you position and your service, but I don't need your needling and poking. I should have done this years ago when you threatened to "Go all western on me" because you did not understand a sarcastic post about men's sexist blustery comments...incidentally, if going all western means kick my ass, I am not sure you could do it. Keep wasting your time commenting if you want, they will be deleted unread. Thanks, and enjoy life.

  12. Women have this instinct and sometimes this works like strong prediction .
    it helped me many times in my youth (am happy to be out of that age really)

    it's not your fault that you could not detect what women could Joe believe it or NOT EASY TO BE A WOMAN in this world .

  13. I do believe that most women have a sixth sense for this.