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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Stupid Headlines 120317

Stupid Headlines 120317
It’s time again for
That is asinine!
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.
Hunter shoots pickup truck after mistaking it for a deer – In his defense it was a Dodge Ram.
Ten congressional Democrats want lenient treatment for young terrorists who murder Israelis – Somehow this strikes me as being Anti-Semitic.
Man reunited with car 20 years after forgetting where he parked – The good news is he found the car, the bad news is he owes $468,145 on 7500 tickets.
Camel found wandering around central Oregon – It was captured, but animal control had to walk a mile for the camel.
More than 100 reindeer dead in Norway after getting hit by freight train – Why don’t they just fly off the tracks?
Poor Americans would lose billions under Senate GOP tax bill – Well if some Americans had billions to lose they can’t really be poor, so I guess this means all of us “poor” Americans*.
Inmate with skull-face tattoo escapes California work crew – Be on the lookout for the Inmate who is described as about 5’9” medium build and with dirty blonde hair.  He was last seen in a bright orange jump suit.
Oh yeah, and he has a tattoo.
Jim Beam's smart decanter will pour you a shot when you ask – Because sometimes you’re just too fried to pour one yourself.
Kate Middleton borrows necklace from the queen – Elton wants it back next week.
Amnesty decries 'gruesome' torture tool find at Paris fair – A tape of “Barney” singing that “I Love You” song in an endless loop…BRUTAL!

Number of Matt Lauer’s alleged victims climb as NBC executives insist they knew nothing - Head of NBC news division, Mr. S. Schultz insists, "I knew nothing!"


The Feel-good story of the week:
Superstar Rod Stewart Hears Street Performer Play His Song, Grabs Mic & Starts to Sing – So many dickweed entertainers today, Rod Stewart is not one of them!
*If any asshat chooses to turn this into a political commentary it will be deleted so save your breath…Thank you…sheesh!  Known troll’s comments are automatically deleted without reading or editing...go away!
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  1. There's another reason not to get a tattoo, it's one more way they can positively identify you.

    That Mr. Stewart story is heartwarming.

  2. I think I'll climb into my car and go looking for that lost Oregon camel.

  3. Good old Rod Stewart....he's getting older AND better.

  4. I love the descriptions of the escaped inmate. That's about the way it goes anymore.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday. Only going to do this week and next and then no more Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. The escaped inmate didn't think that tat out too well. Loved the Rod Stewart video. He made that man's year.

  6. That camel needs to beware of the truck-shooter!

  7. Hi!! My name is fishducky & I'm an asshat...

  8. Hope the tatoo man doesn't watch the infomercial on the makeup that can hide anything. I bet when he was little he was one of those kids who got hold of permanent markers. I never go into our woods even though we don't allow hunting up there. People don't read signs and I know I look more like a deer than a truck. (hopefully anyway)

  9. "Inventor killed by electric bum wiper" I wonder if he was kin to the guy who invented the bathtub toaster oven?

  10. You gotta love Rod Stewart, that was a very cool thing for him to do.