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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What Does it Take For A Like?

What Does it Take For A Like?
I hope people do not take this the wrong way, I don't really need the validation (maybe a little) it is just something that I have wondered about for a year or so now.

If you are familiar with Facebook, there is a little button you can click that tells the person who has a post on Facebook, that you like the post.  You can also comment on any post.
I have seen people that post “Having dinner at IHOP,” And they get about 83 “Likes” and a few comments.
I have seen people change their profile picture and get about 1 million “Likes” and one hundred comments, “So beautiful” or “Haven’t aged a bit.” (often they look like an old catcher's mitt)
All of this is very nice, but here is the part that I don’t understand. 
My blog is also posted on Facebook.  I receive an occasional ‘Like” on a post from my son, but generally I never get a “Like” or a comment.  That is fine, I don’t need validation (he whined one more time), I’m going to post anyway, I assume that not many Facebook “friends” are even reading the posts, most people don’t have the time. 
Then, I run into people who tell me unsolicited,
“I read your post the other day and enjoyed it.”  Or
“I look forward to your posts, it gives me something to read on my coffee break.”   Or They tell my wife,
“I saw Joe’s blog the other day, he made fun of you again…but it was funny and it is you!”
I know these people are seeing my blog from Facebook.
My question is, if you like a post, why not simply click the Facebook button that says you “Like it?”
I’m not trying to drum up readership here, at this point in my blogging life I don’t care that much; “The Cranky Old Man” is not going to go viral and make millions.  But why does every picture of a dinner, or mention of a show, or picture of a child get “Likes” from everyone, but a blog post, my baby, get crickets?
I love it when someone that I didn’t even know reads my nonsense, tells me or my wife that they enjoy a post; but if you like it, why not “Like” it.  You know,
“Like me on Facebook!”

Or not.


  1. Pity you can't put a 'like' button on the blog. I could then click on it instead of writing a thesis lololol. Actually, I didn't know you could put a blog on Facebook. I won't check, though. I haven't been on Facebook for several years because I didn't 'like' it.

  2. I've found an inverse relationship between quality on social media and number of positive responses. Take it as a compliment!

  3. I love your blog, but not facebook.

  4. You'd think that if someone took the time to read a blog post - and you don't have micro-posts, ever - that they'd leave some indication that they'd done so. But maybe I just understand the rules.

  5. I'm not on Facebook (so last century) but if I was, I would definitely 'like' you. Hope that helps lol.

  6. I closed my Facebook account since it was setting off my pervdar on a daily basis and giving me wicked indigestion. I can honestly say my life is better without it. I may miss some family pictures but it's worth it for peace of mind.

  7. If i was on Facebook, i would like you.

  8. I only use Facebook to catch up on the younguns. I think Facebook folks generally aren't readers. They like a picture, a quote or video but words are brief and often ignored.

  9. Too many words(for Facebook), you're wearing your Facebook folk out before they get to the 'Like'!! ;-)

  10. I never got on Facebook, since the faculty was banned from it while I was teaching. Now that I'm retired and allowed to have a life, it doesn't interest me. But if I WAS on The Facebook (as my mom used to call it), I'd like you.

  11. I didn't realize you were on Facebook, Joe. Guess I'll have to look for you.

  12. I don't do Facebook but I always like your posts and leave a comment. I think anyone who reads a blog should reward the author with a comment.

  13. There's something I don't have an answer for. I stay away from Facebook. Perhaps there's some sort of automatic "like" that clicks in when a child or food is mentioned. So all those "likes" mean nothing in real life.

  14. My son made me facebook account in 2009 but i did not find it my type of place so almost never posted anything there ,since years i didn't even look at the page .
    after reading you i want to rejoin it just to give your post LIKE!!!

    i liked your attitude that you don't care (almost:) .

    i will say that you are wonderful writer ,so effortlessly compel readers to read your interesting posts and express (or hide) their love for them.

    My youngest son tells me often that mom my drawing teacher did not say that she liked my drawing as you said and i say to him don't care about her opinion you get 80 plus in drawing so stay confident and don't judge yourself with her miserliness .

    you are gifted Joe and don't ever you doubt it

  15. I almost never bother with FaceBook!!

  16. I don't do facebook or other " social media ", but I like your writing enough that I have bought ( not checked out of the library, as I do with most books I read ) at least one ( or maybe both, due to a recent move, most of my books are still packed, so I can't check ) of your books. Read it ( or them ) and enjoyed it ( or them ). Thanks.

    Paul L. Quandt

  17. you've got me thinking. I always thought of Facebook and blogging as separate things. I come here and post a comment because I like your blog and your posts. So doing it on Facebook again would just be repeating myself. Maybe my thinking is weird.

    Since it's only a click, I shall "like" your blog links henceforth! :-)


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