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Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Last year, CBS TV had a public service announcement thing going, “CBS Cares!”

A bunch of famous actors would appear before the camera and say stuff like,

“People shouldn't put puppies in a bag and drown them...CBS cares!


“Bullying hurts, don’t say things to people that aren't nice, also don’t poke people with a stick...CBS cares!


If you have to answer that cell phone, pull to the side and don't drive, and please, don't text and drive...CBS cares!

Currently NBC is on a “Make the planet green” campaign with public service tips on saving energy, it is the “The more you know” campaign.

“Did you know that when you leave a room you can turn off the light?  You couch doesn’t mind the dark…The more you know!


“When you run in the store for gluten free, sugar free, non-nicotine lettuce, turn off your car engine and you will save fuel…The more you know!


Did you know that gas lawn mowers pollute the air and help warm the planet? Use a push mower and burn calories not the Earth...The more you know! 

I think I will join the bandwagon of feel good worthless hints for the rest of the world to follow. 

The following are public service announcements on behalf of the Cranky Old Man blog:

“People, please don’t kick pregnant women in the stomach.  It is just not a nice thing to do…Cranky gives a damn!

“The Bald Eagle is a noble bird and a symbol of the strength of our country, please don’t shoot them for sport…Cranky gives a damn!

“Fat old bald men are people too; please don’t make fun of them…Cranky gives a damn!

Pheew!  I feel so good now.  That’s right; I am a warm caring person. It feels so good to ask others to be the same and play nicely in the sand box of life.  Why? Because,

Cranky gives a damn!


  1. LOL
    But people who shoot beautiful creatures out of the sky for "sport" won't EVER give a damn about what they are doing.

  2. I like yours much better Cranky. Much better.

    Have a terrific day Cranky. ☺

  3. Fun post. How 'bout: Don't write caustic comments to Cranky bloggers because they might hunt you down and tell you how much they care. Ha! Hope you're having a good week.

  4. Great laugh for my morning enjoyment.

  5. Perhaps ABC threw up and didn't set their writers on the job.

  6. For some reason this reminds me of the time when I bought some solar garden lights for my in-laws. You know, those lights on stakes that you stick in the front yard. As it happened, George Bush had uttered a few weeks earlier that energy conservation "doesn't really do anything, it just makes you feel good." As my in-laws and I sat on the front porch that evening and the lights started coming on, my father-in-law said, "Look at's making me feel good already!"

    We had warm fuzzy feelings all over the place! Because we care... :-p

  7. I was a bit confused about the gas powered lawn mowers until I realised you actually meant petrol ...

  8. I think you need your own network.

    Yep. Take that push mower to the south forty, because you can't bale the hay to feed the cattle if your tractor pollutes the air, and anyway, those cows will only fart too much methane and warm the planet if they graze...

    Of course, when you have a heat stroke from push-mowing, the ambulance is going to leave a carbon footprint.

  9. If I ever have a lapse in good judgement and get a house with a yard that needs mowing, I'm gonna have critters eat the grass. I'm not mowing, period. But I need to know which critter eats grass but farts the least....cause Lowandslow cares. Awwwww... :)

  10. I'm astounded that people have to be reminded to turn off their engines when dashing into a store.

    1. They don't, that is why the PSA's are so lame.