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Monday, July 14, 2014

A BLOG ABOUT NOTHING - a Cranky re-run

This cranky re-run is from July 2012 posted right after my Jersey Shore vacation.  As we just got back from this years Shore vacation it is an appropriate re-run. 

Hmmm I am back from my “Change of venue” and I am down to four completed blogs waiting to post.  I usually have eight to ten “in the hopper.”  I feel compelled to write a few more and catch up.  Why?  Is this a job?  If it is, I demand my minimum wage.  I don’t get paid for this blog.  Why then do I feel the need write a few new posts?

I have no ideas for a new post, so this is a Seinfeldian “Blog about nothing?” I have no idea where this is going to go…let’s find out:

Why can’t I get paid for my blog?  I work fairly hard at it.  I spend almost two hours a day with this blog; I think I should be compensated for my time.  I think the problem is too many other people also post daily blogs.  Some might even be more entertaining than mine.   I don’t think that is fair.  If there were less blogs posted every day maybe some more bloggers could make money for their efforts.

When there is too much corn harvested to make farming profitable, the government steps in and pays farmers to not grow corn.  With less corn, farmers that grow corn can get fair value for their effort.  Where is the government when hard working bloggers need it? 

I would be willing to do my part.  I would gladly not write if the government would only pay me to not write.  I think I could easily not write 400 words a day.  That is right Mr. Obama, for a measly fifty cents one dollar a word I would be willing to not blog.  It would be worth it if it allowed hard working bloggers with talent to earn a fair living.

For just $2000 a week I will stop writing and posting.  I promise to not write as soon as I receive that first Government check. 

I already have many ideas on subjects to not write about.  As an example:

Did you ever wonder why…

And that is why dogs sniff butts!

Pay Up!      


  1. Get in line.
    There are some who've been writing drivel for longer than you.
    Not that what you write is drivel.

  2. Well, I'm not good for more than three or four a week, so maybe it balances out. Definitely nothing in the hopper.

  3. Well the government throws money around like nobodies business so why not pay you for not blogging. I like the idea.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. I MIGHT be willing to pay yo]u $1.50 each for the blogs you do publish!!

  5. You're in for a long wait Cranky. I tried something similar a few years ago: I asked to be paid for not raising hogs. I was going to start out small and not raise a couple hundred hogs, and if everything went well then the next year I was gonna not raise a few thousand hogs. I'm still waiting for my gubment check.

    1. There is where you made your mistake Scott, there are never enough hogs, I would think a bacon lover like you would realize that!

    2. Way ahead of you Cranky. I wasn't going to raise ham hock hogs, not bacon hogs. DUH!

  6. I think blogger does pay you to write, through advertisement. There is a minimum of blog posts that we have to write per week. I cannot keep up with one a week. So I am out. You might be able to sign up.
    As far as getting paid for not doing something, I can stop talking if I can get paid for doing so. LOL

  7. I don't want to consider how much people would pay to make me shut up. I can think of a few people who'd be standing by with checkbooks in hand. Like you, I spend ours every day reading posts and writing new ones. A token few bucks a month would be nice.

  8. If you want to be paid, maybe you could write ad copy for Vandelay Industries...unless you're too busy interning for Kramerica.

  9. If you can get that through Congress, I'm on board also. I know I could not blog if the price was right. Work on that please.

  10. I should try not singing. I believe a lot of people would pay me a lot of money!

  11. I thought we were supposed to call him "President" even if we don't like him. Sorry, it's the only comment that came to mind.

  12. I can see our president paying someone not to blog especially if that person might be blogging negatively about him. Cute re-run. Other than A/Z challenge, I rarely blog daily; I'm not sure I would know what to say if I did so.


  13. I've had a few comissions for drawing through doing the blog but as for all these adverts people seem to have in their sidebars? No idea how you get to that point.

  14. I think SD should pay me for not following lists - I don't have a valid reason for thinking that but I'm sure I can think of one!

  15. Very funny rerun post and glad you reposted it! I have only gotten spam emails about blogging for money. Never took them serious. Maybe just maybe... :)