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Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Anyone can participate, but I’m guessing readers under 60 will have to Google the answers.  Readers over 60 may not know what Google is.
ANSWERS AT BOTTOM no peeking!!

1.    What was the original name of “The Phil Silvers Show?”

2.    Who pulled on their left ear after every show?

3.    What was the first show that Goldie Hawn appeared on?

4.    Could Superman go through a wall without knocking it over?

5.    What was Chuckles the Clown’s signature phrase? (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)

6.    Who stared in "My Mother the Car?"  Extra credit, what kind of car was mom?

7.    What famous TV Hostess first appeared as the La La La singer on “Name That Tune?”

8.    What TV show did Tom Hanks first star in?

9.    Who played Mearth, the child of Mork and Mindy?

10.                       What was the name of Richie’s brother on “Happy Days?”

If you answered less than 2 correctly you are under 40 years old.

If you answered between 3 and 5 correctly you are at least 50 years old
If you answered between 6 and 9 correctly you are over 60 years old

If you answered all 10 correctly you are over 65 years old, had a “D” average in High School and never went to the Prom.


1.    “You’ll Never Get Rich”

2.     Carol Burnett

3.    “Good Morning, World”

4.     Yes, he used his mind to break his body into separate molecules which reassembled on the other side of the wall.

5.    “A little song, A little dance, A little seltzer down your pants.”

6.    Jerry Van Dyke.  Mom was a 1928 Porter Touring Car (OK, I Googled that.)

7.    Kathy Lee Gifford (Kathy Lee Epstein, but Kathy Lee Johnson on the show.)

8.    “Bosom Buddies”

9.    Jonathan Winters

     10.  Chuck…He went to College half way through season one and was never heard from again.


  1. Great news this morning - I'm under 40.

  2. According to this quiz, I'm under 40. YAY! I haven't felt this young in several years. :)

  3. i got two and i'm over fifty. fail!

  4. I got three wrong and yes, I'm over 60. Fun quiz.

  5. I'm 72, knew only Carol Burnett. Seeing the answers, however, I realize why I never watched TV then or now. It's nice to know I test out "middle aged."

  6. I'm 62 and I failed this quiz. Go figure. After seeing the answers some of them I remembered, but not many.

    I'm the new 40!

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. I didn't know any, but I should have known Carol Burnett -- I thought it was Jack Benny!

  8. UGH! I only got one right, even though I'm 63. I guess I've never been a big TV watcher.

  9. Yep, I'm at least 50. :) - And I totally agree Lola!

  10. I'm 50 but am A) from the UK and B) have a shit memory. Nil points.

  11. I only got 1, 2, 4, 10, and half of 6 - and I'm only 29!

  12. As a follow-up, I once won a pair of tickets to a Byrds' concert for correctly responding to a radio quiz. I identified Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen.

  13. Forget the calendar, according to this I am only 50. Plan to go jogging right after I convince my body I am not 75.

  14. Seeing as how your quiz puts me (INCORRECTLY!) over 60, I have the urge to rush out and buy a hairnet, a shawl, and a heavy purse. You can find me on a park bench waiting for Tyrone F. Horneigh.

  15. Clearly you have a great future writing those Facebook quizzes! You know, answer ten questions and the results tell you how old you are, what kind of dog you would be, what color your aura is, what President you would be, what famous royalty in history you are, etc.

    Go for it - apply for that job right now. Retirement is not all it's cracked up to be!


    1. P.S. I only got the Carol Burnett one. That's because I didn't come to the States until 1980. The only way I learned about the "June Cleaver housewife" expression, for example, was through reruns on TBS.

  16. Oh, wow, I'm 74 and I only got two right. I don't know what age that makes me. I can't figure out the scoring system. Oh, oh, oh, this is so hard. Uh-oh. This may mean dementia is setting in.

  17. I only got 2--40s. Jonathan Winters was great!

  18. I'm over 60 and could only answer one question. And I got it wrong!

  19. Oh this was fun. I got numbers 2, 5, half of 6, 8, 9 and 10 correct. I'm 59.

    Chuckles the Clown's funeral was one of the funniest television scenes ever.

    Good Morning World. My sister used to watch it. I initially had the name confused for a different one which I liked back around the same time - My World and Welcome To it. Do you remember that one based on stories and drawings of James Thurber?