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Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I just watched a re-run of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” where Theresa got angry and turned over a dinner table.  What a temper! 

My family is similarly wired.

Hagy’s don’t like to lose.  We are not good at it.  Well we don’t always win, but we are just very bad at losing.  We seem to get better at it as we age; perhaps it is just a matter of practice.

Growing up we played board games because no one had gotten around to inventing computers, apps and video games yet.  The most popular game was Acey-Deucy.  This is a variation of backgammon.  It is backgammon with an added element of extra luck.  If you rolled a one and a two, acey-deucy, you got extra moves and extra rolls.

In short, to win at acey-duecy or backgammon you need to move all your pieces around the board and out before your opponent.  There is strategy, and the sending your opponent home is involved.  There is skill, there is luck and there can be frustration.  There is also smack talk!

In my youth and later with my own children, winning at acey-deucy was not enough.  To truly win, to absolutely triumph, you had to make your opponent “Flip the board.”

It is one thing to win through strategy, skill and luck, but it takes that combination and smack talk to force your opponent into such frustration that he will stand up, grab one end of the board, and before the game is officially over flip the board, and scatter the pieces and the dice all over the room.  Extra points are mentally added if the loser rants, “You are so FLIPPING lucky!”

This Hagy tradition passed down through countless generations has thankfully ended as the current generation has absolutely no patience for slow moving board games.

I’m pretty sure I once overheard my oldest grandson mumble while playing with his i-phone, “You are so DANG lucky!”

Not sure what he was playing.

At least he didn’t flip the phone.



  1. haha. pushing buttons on purpose, eh?

    (and that woman looks freaky crazy!)

  2. I've not watched that show, but I've heard about it all over the Internet. She does look deranged.

    So that's how your family used to roll. Too fun.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. In my family it was rummy, also called gin rummy. A card game, object get pairs or more, straights, until one could get rid of all their cards, including the discard. My sister was fiendish in knowing if I was trying to get a straight, and would collect in pairs the cards I needed.
    Never watch a 'reality' show, if that's what the NJ thing is, doubt I will.

  4. It was Monopoly ...on Thanksgiving ...that caused someone to flip the board.

  5. I now have a mental image of a loser flinging an I-phone at the wall or stomping it or, worse, out the car window. I wonder if it happens.....
    New meaning for flip phone.

  6. With the exception of chess, I wasn't much of a game player. And I wasn't really all that good at chess. I seemed to lack a killer instinct.

  7. That is what we look like when someone tells us we are out of wine......BTW loving all the old RHONJ repeats

  8. Sounds like a fun game.
    We mostly played Snakes and ladders and Ludo while growing up.

  9. We did the board games when the kids were little. My youngest one was an exceptionally sore loser. I believe that contributed to him becoming really skilled at board games and winning. He started beating me in chess when he was about six or seven. Flippin' bastard.

  10. I liked Trouble. :)

  11. With our family, it's made-up games with prizes at holiday parties. Funny how upset the losers get when I win most of the time. No boards to flip, but plenty of snide remarks fly around the room about how I find ways to cheat. Which I don't. I'm sure they are envious of my chartreuse polka-dot throw blanket, my Bath and Body Works soap, my Sonic five-dollar gift card, my Santa elf-on-a-shelf, my reindeer squeaky dog-toy, and my 100-piece puzzle of brightly-colored gumballs.

  12. I love to play games. Queenie LOVES to play games. We don;t play games.

    One of us is a horrible loser. But that pales in comparison to how nasty a winner the same person is. I will not be saying who so don't ask. Discuss amongst yourselves

  13. Oh my gosh, this was so funny! This was definitely a new one on me with the rules of a game for flipping the board :)