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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

So I am at the doctor’s office today for an exam to get an OK for my eye doctor to perform cataract surgery.  While I am waiting for the doctor, half naked in the 60 degree examination room, I hear the nurse, whom I have never met, correct the doctor. 

“Who is the next patient? Mr. Ha’gy?” (Pronounced Hay like what you feed horses Ge, Hay Ge)

“Oh no” says the nurse whom I have never met, “it’s Hag’y” (Hag as in sea Hag Ee, Hag ee.)

Now I know that neither pronunciation is particularly pretty, but the correct pronunciation is Ha’gee not Hag’ee, and I can’t believe anyone with a choice of how to pronounce their name would choose HAG over HAY.  Somehow everyone who doesn’t know, wants to pick the more ugly sounding pronunciation.  

My doctor, who I have met many times, pronounces my name correctly…finally… and a nurse, whom I have never met, corrects him to the incorrect more ugly sounding pronunciation!

If you get the feeling that this is a pet peeve of mine.  You would be correct.

With a major bug up my butt, I leaned my half naked body out the door and interrupted, “Excuse me, but you have the pronunciation incorrect.  It is an old Swedish name; the correct pronunciation - H A G Y - is...Urnassole!

I have no idea why an appointment to get clearance for cataract surgery required a full rectal examination.  


  1. "I have no idea why an appointment to get clearance for cataract surgery required a full rectal examination."

    I was wondering the same thing myself. You sure there wasn't a 2-way mirror or something between your exam room and the office break room? Didn't all that giggling make you even a little curious? ;)


  2. Perhaps because you seem to have a burr up your backside about people pronouncing your name wrong. ;)

  3. WOW on the cataract/butt exam... Hoping you didn't walk into the wrong office. j/k Sounds absurd that is protocol for a cataract. :/ Sure makes me wonder now after a local lady checked in for a hysterectomy and had her leg removed instead.

  4. They aren't going up your poop chute to reach your cataracts, are they? If the answer is yes, run like hell and find another surgeon.

  5. Lol Cranky....

    Have to admit I was getting your pronunciation wrong, I was saying at as

    Hay Ghee - (Ghee as in that funny butter you sometimes need in more sophisticated cooking)

    I apologise - names are a gripe of mine too - having swapped Smith for Bradt which everyone gets wrong. Everyone says Brad or Brat and it is actually pronounced Brott. Steven always says Bradt like the sausage which makes me laugh cos unless you speak German most people say Brat-worst for the sausage not Brott-worst...

    My maiden name of Staniforth was no better - most people said 'stain' forth instead of 'stan -y' forth.

    Have a great day, and be grateful you haven't got a Russian of eastern Block surname - that could be fatal

  6. I have a common last name, but an unusual first name. I stopped correcting people long ago, unless they ask me to correct them. Not worth my time!

  7. Gee I wonder what kind of exam is required for glaucoma surgery?

  8. ha ha. too funny.

    thanks for stopping in!

  9. Now that you have written the post, it seems so obvious, but I'm sure I must have been thinking the uglier pronunciation in my head. At least "Joe" is nice and easy for people to get right!

  10. Snort Snort...almost lost my tea this afternoon. You would NT believe how they massacre my last name :0)

  11. question now is... what was more enjoyable? The eye exam or the butt one? lol

  12. I empathise. I'm forever spelling my name. Sigh.


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