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Monday, August 20, 2012



The other day, while driving home from the grocery store with Mrs. Cranky, I saw a lady crossing the street to the parking lot with her husband.  This woman dropped her sunglasses on the street and began to rip her husband a new a-hole.  We could not hear what she was saying, but it could not have been good given her husband’s reaction.

The husband picked up the glasses as it seems he was directed to do and the wife continued to hammer him.  Mrs. C. thought the sight was funny, I was frozen in silence.

“Did you see that?”


“Joe….Joe…are you all right?”

“Wha ah what?”

“Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah…just a little flash back.  PTWD!”


“Post-traumatic Wife Disorder!”

The look on that husband’s face had taken me back to a place I have been trying to forget.  Many were the times that I was that man,  going along with my ex-wife, having a decent day when suddenly something would happen; I made a wrong turn, I said the wrong thing, I forgot to do something, I left something in a store, or she dropped and maybe scratched her sunglasses.  In a flash it was if I was with a different woman; a woman who lost all perspective of the issue at hand.  A woman whose reality was suddenly perverted and I was the perceived cause.  I was to blame for a molehill which unbeknownst to me was now a mountain.

Mrs. Cranky assured me it was not my issue.  The sunglasses which might be scratched and the angry lady were the stranger’s problem.

“It’s all right.  You’re safe.  You’ve messed up things with me for real like a hundred times and I still haven’t gotten angry with you have I?”


“Come on, let’s just go home.”

I never thought much about soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which used to be called “Shell-shock.”  Now I understand it completely.  It may not be anywhere near as serious as what soldiers experience after they leave the battlefield, but Post-Traumatic Wife Disorder can be temporarily debilitating if not treated with a caring sane woman.

Fortunately I think I am on my way to recovery…but I do have setbacks.


  1. I never thought about it before now,'re right. Sounds like you're in a good place now, though.


  2. I tend to be calm about most things but Mrs. Chatterbox can get her panties in a bunch quite easily. Things that bother her often don't bother me, and sometimes this bothers her. Every now and then I have to stand up for myself and tell her in no uncertain terms that I refuse to join her on an emotional roller coaster. But most of the time we get along just fine.

  3. Wow - I hate that you had to go through that! I don't understand that type of behavior. It never ceases to amaze me how two people who supposedly love each other treat each other with such contempt and outright rage.

    So glad you are now in the right place with a person that can help you fully recover.

  4. Thing is with stuff like that- you never know what will trigger the 'attack' and suddenly there you are.

    I used to think panic attacks were a load of Hooooey. Until I had one. Freaked my shit out in a big, bad way. May have been PT Asshole Syndrome. I still don't know for sure, I just stay away from that one.

  5. I am so glad that you are now with a normal person that treats you with kindness. I to this day have panic attacks (which are awful awful) because of past bad relationships.

  6. Mrs Cranky sounds like a real trooper...I would keep a firm hold of her......She is a rare breed and there are not many of us

    Seriously though - setbacks are bound to happen, but hopefully they get less.

    Lou :-)

  7. I think we have both lucked out in the same fashion. MY WIFE is marvelous, wonderful, never anyone to be afraid of or to receive flashbacks from. My previous, on the other hand... You sent me back to a place I would rather have forgotten. Thanks a lot.

  8. so sad how one person can treat another... especially someone they share a life with... so sad...

    glad you've got a good wife now.. :)

  9. Sometimes earplugs, dark glasses and a tinfoil hat helps with PTWD.


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