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Thursday, August 2, 2012



Well here is a dilemma previous generations never had to deal with.

I just received my second sext-message.  A very young, rather attractive young lady has sent me a picture of herself with her ample bare breasts semi-covered by her arm.  She is wearing only a thong pulled halfway down her butt and is standing on ruby red F-me pumps.  The first sext- message was similar in attire and pose.  There is only the picture, no dialog.

There is a phone number associated with the sext.  Should I text back and say “Whoa…wrong dude?”  This might be embarrassing to her.  Also I really don’t need follow up messages or conversations.  Should I say nothing?  When she figures out she is sexting to a wrong number will she call and rag on me for being a pervert? 

I delete the messages.  Well I show them to Mrs. C. first so she knows nothing fishy is going on…as if…and then I delete them.

Is this some weird scam to rip off an old man of his money?  Should I report it?

Who does this?  No, I mean I understand between two consenting adults this can be fun, kinda phone sex plus, but who does this without being sure of the phone number?

I think I will just play stupid and say nothing.  Hopefully the sexting will stop soon. 

In the meantime Mrs. C. and I will just make up our own explanation for the pictures…gee, I hope she comes home from work soon!      


  1. Oh Cranky, i made the fateful mistake of reading this post out loud to George and Abi...
    I told George that this was kind of like his grandad getting sext messages to which he laughed and then said, "Hey Abi maybe grandad wanted to get a better mobile phone so he could send text messages like that to nana" which Abi replied - "maybe thats why Nana never turns her mobile on...!!!!!"

    The grandkids obviously think my parents are way past getting any pleasure at seeing half naked photos of each

  2. You should send back a photo of you. Or Mrs Cranky.


  3. Scary to think of what could happen if the wrong person saw the pictures. Great another thing you need to ask a lawyer about.

  4. Don't send her any pictures of yourself. If they become public they could make it impossible for you to run for high office. Don't be an Anthony Wiener.

  5. Let her know back you're not the intended recipient. If she tries any followup, you've got her phone number, so you can go to the police.


  6. I just had to laugh that you are having to deal with this dilemma. Interesting times.......

  7. It's probably Mrs. Cranky just trying to mess with you. She hired some young, beautiful thing to pose for a photo and send you the picture via text.

    She wanted to see how you'd handle it.
    It's a test.
    A PASS or FAIL test.

    So you got the text. You immediately told Mrs. Cranky about it. You then deleted it.



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