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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



A cranky fairytale

Once upon a time there were five children. 

Tommy, the oldest, was very, very smart; maybe too smart, he corrected everyone on everything…usually he was right.

 Halley, the only girl, was very, very cute; maybe too cute, she was also smart but knew that cute got you more candy than smart. 

Graham was very, very good; probably too good, sneaky good, sometimes up to no good.

Cole was always very, very happy; maybe too happy, maybe smiled too much when someone else stubbed his toe. 

Connor, the youngest, was very, very quiet; maybe too quiet, he was always thinking something, something probably not good.

These five children had a Grandpa Joe who was very, very cranky; maybe too cranky for the five grandchildren that were too smart, too cute, too good, too happy, and too quiet.

The five children decided they were going to make Grandpa Joe un-cranky.

Tommy said, “Grandpa Joe, you shouldn’t be cranky; studies have shown that cranky people live 5.7 years less than people that are always happy.”

Grandpa Joe said, “You may be smart, but I am still cranky.”

Halley tilted her head, fluttered her eyelashes and said, “Grandpa Joe, you shouldn’t be cranky, how can you be cranky when I am so cute?”

Grandpa Joe said, “You may be cute, but I am still cranky.”

Graham said, “Grandpa Joe, you shouldn’t be cranky, I HATE it when you are cranky, how can you be cranky when I am so good?”

Grandpa Joe said, “You may be good, but I am still cranky.”

Cole said, “Grandpa Joe, how can you be so cranky when everything you see is so funny, you should be happy, not cranky.”

Grandpa Joe said, “You may think everything is funny, but I am still cranky.”

Connor did not say a thing.  Connor climbed up on Grandpa Joe’s lap, put his arms around his neck and gave him a huge hug.

Grandpa Joe smiled a big smile and said, “Now I am happy.  Whenever I get cranky I will think of how smart you are Tommy, how cute you are Halley, how good you are Graham, how happy you are Cole, and how quietly Connor shows his love.  You are ALL smart, cute, good, and happy, now everyone come and give me a hug and I won’t be cranky again.”

And Grandpa Joe was never cranky again…well hardly ever...OK, he was a lot less cranky…some of the time.


  1. Forget Hillary Clinton. We need to send those kids to Iran and North Korea. I'll bet they could get those old cranks smiling and forget about those nasty nuclear weapons.


  2. I see a future in children's books! Great story, Grandpa Joe!

  3. I think your crankiness is a scam. At least where your grandchildren are concerned. Cute post.

  4. Big hugs from grandkids will do it every time!

  5. That was lovely.

    And now, I, too, am a little less cranky.


  6. I loved that fairytale! Going to share it, my MIL would love it also.

  7. what good kids to (sort of) uncrank grandpa joe...

  8. Grandkids are the best, aren't they.

  9. Yep - that pretty much sums it up! Aren't kids wonderful. I love this post!

  10. So sweet. They all have their beautiful way of showing you their love.

  11. You have a way with words mate, you really do.
    I'm a cranky grandma.
    But like you, a hug fixes that pretty darn fast.


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