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Saturday, August 18, 2012



What would the summer be like without corn-on-the cob?  It is one of my favorite foods.  Everyone loves corn-on-the cob, yet it seems that no two people prepare it, butter it, or eat it the same.

I like to throw my corn in a boiling pot, add a handful of sugar and cook it for ten minutes.  I am told that three minutes is all it should take.  Mrs. C. demands I add several of the inner corn husks to the pot; I don’t know why, but I guess it can’t hurt.  Some people swear on soaking the corn in the husk and throwing it on the bar-b-q.

I have known purists who wait until the corn is just picked and then race home to throw it into already boiling sugar water as soon as the husks are off.  The fresher the better…I guess.

The corn is important.  Yellow is a favorite for many.  White is said to be the sweetest.  I personally like to compromise with the ears of mixed yellow and white.  Pretty much I think that it is all good.

Some people will eat the corn by holding the hot cob.  Personally I need those corn stickers. 

I used to butter my corn with a knife, very sloppy.  Mrs. C. has a tool which holds a chunk of butter in a corn-shaped curve.  I am now a butter tool butterer.  If no one is looking, I might use the roll-the-corn-in-the-butter-stick technique.

Eating the corn is more interesting than you might think.  Some people eat in a curricular manner from one end working to the other.  Some people eat it like a typewriter, from left to right…ding…and back again.  Other people eat from end to end and then keep eating back without the typewriter return.  Personally I like to do a circular run over both ends of the cob, and then finish left to right typewriter style. 

Unless you have problems with your teeth, cutting the corn off the cob should not be allowed.

I am guessing a psychologist could tell quite a lot about a person by how they prepare, butter and eat their corn-on-the cob.        


  1. I like to vary my cooking and eating styles, so I don't know what a psychologist would make of that. My teeth are fine, but I do like to cut some off the cob sometimes to use in a stir fry.

  2. I'm not a fan of corn on the cob, but I love to see a little kid missing teeth and angling the cob this way and that to get every kernel. Delightful.

  3. I'm with you cranky....I LOVE sweet corn! Problem is I can only eat it at home, and I must eat it by itself, the last thing on my plate. That's because it gets horribly stuck in my teeth, and I like it dripping in butter. I'm a mess when I get through with it, and I have several tooth picks lined up, ready for action. Still, it's worth the effort.


  4. Mmmm love corn on the cob! I've never seen one of those butterers... awesome! I'm a new follower from the Weekend Blog Walk. When you get a chance, I'd love a follow back at! :)

  5. Love, love, love corn on the cob.

    About to follow you on Twitter, and would love a follow back as well as for you to join in the Weekend Blog Walk blog hop at:

  6. I like mine with a knob of butter floating over the top and I keep sliding it back on top and then rolling it around the plate, but also like it with lots of salt, and I cook it in boiling salted water...

    Feed it to youngest - found n out he absolutely loved it, then he got braces fitted and now sacreligiously, I have to get it all off the cob for him...such a shame.

  7. Tis the season!

    I'm hearing a lot about how to cook corn in its husk in the microwave. It involves cutting one or both ends off and apparently the corn slips out of the husk clear of silk upon completion. I'll have to try that.

    As for buttering it, one method that works fairly well is buttering a piece of bread and then using that to butter your corn. Depending on whether you share the bread by passing it around or keep your own slice, you can always eat it later.

    Fun post.. I haven't had any corn yet, this season. I might just have to now.

  8. I'm going to make a confession, and then I'm going to wait to see if you delete me from your member list---I don't like corn on the cob! My parents have always been ashamed of me because of this and I've considered sailing to an island colony to live in isolation with others of my kind. I've been told it's un-American to not like corn on the cob and people have even pointed at me and whispered.

    Actually, before I had my teeth fixed I had a gap so wide that it hurt to bite down on corn cobs.

  9. Is the corn festival in town, cranky? It just left my area... Best corn I've had! Boiled, salted, buttered.... Yum!

  10. I love corn on the cob and yes I'm a butter and salt fan. Sometimes soul seasoning.


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