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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Mrs. Cranky’s birthday is today.  Birthdays are very important to women.  Me, not so much.  I guess after you have passed a coconut through your …well, you know, birthdays have a special meaning.  I never know what to get Mrs. C for her birthday.

She likes jewelry.  Trouble with jewelry is whatever you get one year, you have to get something even better the next, “What, I wasn’t good this year?”

She likes nice clothes.  I don’t know sizes, I have no taste.

Dinner out is nice, but we do that on non-birthdays.  She deserves something special.

Hmmm.  My blog…I am not very good at verbalizing feelings, I am much better when I write.  Here is my present to you Mrs. C (All others can stop reading now.)


Before I met you I was a bit beaten down.  Divorced for the second time from a cheating wife, I was feeling low.  Two packs of cigarettes and a half a quart of scotch a day didn’t seem to help.  As a goof I went on (half in the bag.)

You responded.  Somehow you saw something in my pitiful self and we survived several awkward dates.  We had nothing in common.  You liked dancing and concerts.  I hate dancing and concerts.  I like skiing and golf and all things sports…you, not so much.

What we did have in common was over 20 years of not being able to be ourselves.  Years of mental and sometimes physical abuse that we both had become numb to.  We found we both had an uncanny knowledge of what was in the other persons head.

We enjoyed  playful back and forth texting and though I had not really sought a relationship, I now cherished what we were developing.

We married.

I love being myself.  I love not having to filter my every thought.  I love feeling comfortable around my own house.  I love not jumping out of my skin when someone yells JOE!! I love not smoking.  I love being able to fall asleep sober.  I love not fighting.  I love being respected, and I respect you.    I love teasing you and being teased back.  I love touching you.


Happy Birthday Karen (Mrs. Cranky)


  1. Outstanding! Sounds like you both deserve each other, and that's meant as a compliment. Happy birthday, Mrs. C. ;)


  2. What a beautiful tribute to the last love of your life. Happy birthday Mrs. C...Cranky certainly knows how to make a lady feel special :)

  3. Cranky - that is truly wonderful!

    Happy Birthday Mrs Cranky
    Think you got yourself a good one there!

    Lou :-)

    PS. S and I met on as well

  4. Wow, it's hard not to be jealous of a couple like Sweet Man still jumps when I yell Joe. tee hee Oma Linda

  5. Okay, I cheated and read your entire blog. I can't write anymore because I'm a big fat softie and I'm welling up. Happy Birthday Mrs. C.

  6. That is beautiful, better than any piece of jewelry you could buy! May you both be blessed with many more happy years! Happy birthday, Mrs. C.

  7. thank you all for the b'day wishes. and especially mr. cranky for a great blog. no need for anything else, you are all that i need.
    love you! me ...

  8. Muy bonito. I see mrs. cranky (I assume it's her) said you're all she needs. Wow. And I thought BB was a cheap date. ; )

    Wishing another 20 years to you two crazy kids. Felicidades.


  9. Awww, your words to your wife make my heart all squishy!
    Happy Birthday, Mrs. C.!

  10. Happy birthday to Mrs. C; and what a lovely present.

  11. Awwww this is so dang sweet Cranky!!! This to me is the best present you could ever give Mrs. Cranky it is from the heart. Happy Birthday Mrs. C

  12. Awww.. so sweet. Of course we kept on reading.

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. C. :)


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