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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


BLOGGER SPAM – cheap boner pills here!

I have currently turned on “comment verification” for this blog.  I have been inundated with complaints about this verification being an inconvenience.  To the two people inundating me with complaints I apologize.

When I turn off the verification I receive the following:

These spam messages continue at a rate of about 30 an hour until I finally turn verification back on.  The spam messages are annoying enough, but they also hit my email:

<><> <><> <><> <><> <><>

 My “Delete” button is worn to a nub…well it is worn to a smaller nub.  

What I don’t understand is who is spamming me, how are they spamming me, and why are they spamming me?  I don’t see hits on my statistics from these comments, how do they do it?  They must be continually bombarding my site because as soon as I turn verification off the spamming starts again.  Surely they must be bombarding millions of other sites as well.

This must be a complicated and expensive process.  Do they sell Cialis and Viagra, or do they just infect computers that open their ads?  I am guessing their intent is to infect computers.  They might be able to entice someone to open their site out of curiosity, but who would buy cheap   Cialis from an unknown source?

I have to think that if you try and buy this Cialis you will get stiffed!...Or you won’t get stiffed which would mean you really got…well you know. 

Is there a way to eliminate this spam without comment verification?  I could disallow comments from “anonymous”, but then Mrs. C wouldn’t know how to comment.

If anyone is interested in cheap Cialis from India…no doctor’s prescription needed…quick delivery guaranteed (type of delivery not specified) let me know and I will be glad to forward you the address. 



  1. That's crazy! I don't get hardly any spam (knock on wood). I have no ideas on how to get it to quit, but you have my sympathy for sure!

  2. Oh, dear. Did you know that in addition to marking these a spam, you also should empty your spam periodically. Maybe as soon as you mark them spam, as you seem to have quite the collection. When you empty the spam bucket, then Blogger knows it's spam and you don't get it.
    And, if that doesn't work, I'll quit comlaining.

  3. I get spam all the time, in this manner but as long as it doesn't show up in my blog comments, I'm content to just delete them from my mail notifications and the spam catcher in blogger. Word verification is really difficult for many so I'd rather just deal with my own spam.

  4. I sympathize with you, and I'll put up with the word verification to prove I'm not a robot. I'm not...really.

  5. Hmm I have never had a spam comment on my blog. So I have no idea. I have seen others just have a box you can check mark that says your not spam instead of these annoying captcha's

  6. I do not blame you for turn the word verification on. But some of the new captchas are hard to read.

  7. So know it is unbelievable how they do it? Some of the spam I get is just plain old sick. Your worth the extra Captcha step Cranky....

  8. Under the circumstances, put it back on.

    I don't get these spam notices. Umm...what sites have you been visiting? *wink*


  9. That is absolutely crazy! You poor thing!! It must be so frustrating to open your email and have all of that waiting there!!!

  10. That's ridiculous! I've never seen these - what have you been writing about?! Or visiting?!

    Totally understand the need for captcha in your case. Yes, it's annoying, but it's not THAT difficult to read. There's a refresh button for a reason!

  11. If you're getting that much spam, keep the email verification on, I say.
    That's totally annoying.

  12. Hilarious! How annoyinf that must be! I turned my captcha off after someone mentioned how annoying it was, and you've made me want to turn it back on. I haven't had any spam yet, touch wood. Now, about those pills...

  13. Wow, how odd. I turned off captcha very early in my blogging life and have never had any spam comments.

    As a commenter, I hate captcha, but I totally get it when you are getting so much spam.

    I hope you find a way to stop it.