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Monday, July 16, 2012



Hmmm I am back from my “Change of venue” and I am down to four completed blogs waiting to post.  I usually have eight to ten “in the hopper.”  I feel compelled to write a few more and catch up.  Why?  Is this a job?  If it is, I demand my minimum wage.  I don’t get paid for this blog.  Why then do I feel the need write a few new posts?

I have no ideas for a new post, so this is a Seinfeldian “Blog about nothing?” I have no idea where this is going to go…let’s find out:

Why can’t I get paid for my blog?  I work fairly hard at it.  I spend almost two hours a day with this blog; I think I should be compensated for my time.  I think the problem is too many other people also post daily blogs.  Some might even be more entertaining than mine.   I don’t think that is fair.  If there were less blogs posted every day maybe some more bloggers could make money for their efforts.

When there is too much corn harvested to make farming profitable, the government steps in and pays farmers to not grow corn.  With less corn, farmers that grow corn can get fair value for their effort.  Where is the government when hard working bloggers need it? 

I would be willing to do my part.  I would gladly not write if the government would only pay me to not write.  I think I could easily not write 400 words a day.  That is right Mr. Obama, for a measly fifty cents one dollar a word I would be willing to not blog.  It would be worth it if it allowed hard working bloggers with talent to earn a fair living.

For just $2000 a week I will stop writing and posting.  I promise to not write as soon as I receive that first Government check. 

I already have many ideas on subjects to not write about.  As an example:

Did you ever wonder why…

And that is why dogs sniff butts!

Pay Up!      


  1. SO many things I could NOT write about!!!!!!!!!

  2. So if you got paid by the government to do nothing, wouldn't that make you a bureaucrat? Are you sure you could bear the shame?

  3. Shut up!
    There're already enough folks being paid for not doing anything

  4. I want in! I can not write great stuff about nothing.

  5. I'm so in awe! 8-10 in the hopper ready to post -- usually!!!

  6. Fine: go ahead and sell out for a fat check. Those of us who need to know why dogs sniff butts will just have to go elsewhere. But we'll return here often to look for you, just in case that check bounces.


  7. Seinfeldesque, indeed. So do you think there should be a contest about who can abstain from blogging the longest? ;)

  8. This is true genius. I would not only be willing to not write, but I would be willing to not write about softball. That should make my unwritten words worth about TWO bucks each. When you decide to march on Washington or something, let me know. I won't join you, but I also won't write about it. We'll keep two birds alive with one stone, so to speak.