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Tuesday, July 31, 2012



What company employs the greatest marketing schemes ever devised?  Hands down it is Corona Beer.  Most beers show their brew as coming from clear, refreshing mountain streams.

Corona comes from Mexico.  What do they say about water in Mexico?  “Don’t drink the water!”  How did an unknown beer from “Don’t drink the water” Mexico overtake Heineken a beer from clear, refreshing Holland  streams as the largest selling imported beer in the USA?

Marketing genius.

Corona is the only beer in the world served at a bar with a wedge of lime stuck in the top of the bottle.  Why?  Is it to ward off insects?  That’s real appealing.  Is it to enhance the taste of a bland beer? Mmmm umm!  Is it to cover up rust stains on the lip of the bottle or erase the taste of insect spray used in Mexican bars?  All of these have been suggested as reasons for the Corona and lime tradition.   The answer is…no, no, no and no.

The Corona and lime tradition is a genius marketing ploy thought up to make Corona stand out from all other beers.  People love to order a Corona just to get the lime thing and appear all sophisticated and stuff.

Have you ever heard anyone order a Bud with a lime wedge?  If the lime wedge adds to the Corona experience why not order it with any beer?  Because it is only cool with a Corona.  Why?  Because the Corona company tells us so and we are all freaking lemmings! 


Still don’t believe Corona is run by marketing geniuses?  I submit to you Cinco de Mayo.  Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday which was not even a big deal in Mexico but suddenly became a USA cause for celebration. 

Cinco de Mayo marks a minor skirmish of the French and Mexicans (French won that war BTW) and isn't a Mexican national holiday. Mexican Independence day is Sept 16.

I never heard of Cinco de Mayo until the 1980’s when I first heard of Corona Beer.

This company invented a Holiday! 

They invented a Holiday whose tradition was to drink beer…CORONA BEER…in great quantities.

 When I go to a bar on Cinco de Mayo I never see any Mexicans.  No one gives a shit about any Mexican Holiday, but everyone is only too happy to have an excuse to drink mass quantities of a Mexican Beer. Not any Mexican beer; not Dos Equis, not Pacifico, it has to be CORONA…with a lime wedge!

Genius!     With a lime. 


  1. Marketing bet! Good beer? Not so much. Even the Mexicans pan it, although I doubt the company cares as long as the $$$ keep rolling in.


  2. Absolutely right on. We worked with a guy from Mexico City in the 80's. He was a retired professor of world history before falling in love with his third and muy, muy younger wifey and moved to the US. One of the "girls" in the office had a Cinco de Mayo party and wanted Dr. Him to help her with thoughts for decorations and food, what a maroon. Anyway, we all endured a half hour lecture on WTH was she having a party for? Mexicans didn't celebrate that date except in the US. The look on said silly girl was priceless. "But they talk about it on TV". GOY

  3. I am not really a beer drinker, but I have to admit to having ordered a Corona with a lime just to look like one of the cool kids....though I really prefer Pacifico.

  4. I think you're on to something here. I don't know any Mexicans who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, although the grocery stores move all the South of the Boarder items to the front of the store. As for beer, I just don't like the taste, with or without limes. Give me the hard stuff!

  5. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with gusto here. But then so are the other 364 days. Corona beer sales are about the same as all the other beers. I have no idea why...:)

  6. I don't like Corona ... but I'm an Aussie and we are allowed to drink as much 5% alcohol beer as we like (provided we stay on our feet, don't fight or try to drive a vehicle! lol)

  7. I was thinking when you were mentioning the lime with Corona about a little thing local places do when they serve a hefeweisen (unfiltered wheat beer)
    The bartender usually adds a wedge of lemon

    BTW - Heineken is Dutch

  8. So noted and adjusted IT thx