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Friday, July 20, 2012



I am trying to figure out how to make money on my blog.  So far I have come up with nothing.  The problem is no one seems to have any interest in a blog that has 27 hits per day.  This is even more of a problem when 17 of those hits are from Google on the search term “Old man gay.”  If advertisers won’t come to me, maybe I will just have to plug for free.  The following is an unsolicited plug for:


Last week we tried a new restaurant at The Shore; Ohana Grill.  This is a very small restaurant, maybe 12 tables, so reservations are recommended.

The reviews on “” were mixed.  One review was so bad it was remarkable.  Chris F. wrote a book on how awful this restaurant was.  His complaint went from the waiter not pouring his wine to overcooked steak and fish which made him sick.  I often suspect some restaurant reviews are faked to either bring people in, or keep people away.  Chris took so much time complaining that I took a chance that he was the latter and made a reservation.

I do not remember if the waiter poured the wine or not, I can’t remember if any restaurant pours from a BYOB.  Obviously I am not as sophisticated and discerning as Chris F.  I do remember that the calamari was the best I have ever had and I loved the tangy Asian influenced sauce.  The steamed clams were delicious.  Chris F. did not like the broth; he found it to be salty.  Imagine that salty clam broth!  Our table had several different entrees.  All the fish was fresh and cooked perfectly.  Maybe Chris F. felt sick because he drank the salty broth.  Mostly I think he was from the Ohana’s competition.

The food at Ohana was delicious, the flavors unique and the service excellent.  I highly recommend this establishment.  Make a reservation, go, enjoy, and tell Chris F. to F*** OFF!

Tell them the “Cranky Old Man” sent you!  Maybe I can cop a free meal.

If not, I will be back anyway.   


  1. Well if you will make posts titled 'If It Were Not for Women and Gay Men' what do you expect? At least it only appears on the 8th page of search results.

    Now if I lived in Lavalette I would definitely stop by the OHANA Grill so I think that free meal would be well deserved.

  2. As for profit on the Blog, you could always add ads to your blog. I have been know to click on some on a good Blog.

    I like your restaurant review. I do reviews myself. I get a kick out of some that sound nothing like the restaurant that I eat at. Some people are just to picky. Normally I do not pay bad reviews attention unless there is more then one bad review from different people. I even saw one restaurant that all the bad review sounded all the same by different people. Cut and paste is not a review.

    Hope you get the free meal.

  3. I'd go to OHANA Grill, but for one minor issue ...distance

    I would also do reviews, except the places I go are either unremarkable or already so busy I have to wait longer than 15 minutes for a table

    I know what you mean about the hits because of search terms
    It's Brown Noser and an image that brings 'em in for me, though co-ed naked pole vaulting has gained in popularity
    Both posts are sfw

  4. The only person I personally know who has made money from blogging was hired by a travel website to create and run a blog...11

  5. Sounds like a great place, and I love calamari! I wish it was closer to me. As for making money with your blog, why not make every entry about something pertaining to sex. That should be good for a few hundred hits. ;)

  6. Hey, the owners must be from Hawaii...'Ohana' means family. Email them your'll probably get free meals forever :)

  7. do people actually make money with blogs? Oh yes if you place about 8000 annoying ads you can.

  8. I often wonder about the reviews I read online. Are they real or made up? Does the person writing the review have an ax to grind? I think it's great that you threw caution to the wind and went anyway to make up your own mind. Bravo!

  9. I love it when there's a great restaurant find. This place sounds like a wee gem.