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Saturday, July 21, 2012

BLOGGING IS FOR THE YOUNG - another cranky re-run

Counting various blog hop re-winds, this is the forth time around for this post....What, are there rules?  I like this one so suck it up and skip it if you have already read it!

I am beginning to thing that I am too old to blog.  Not that I am incapable of blogging, but my demography does not lend itself to an active viewership.  Old people read books and newspapers.  They only grudgingly use computers.  In fact computers make old people angry. 

I try to get my generation of older friends interested in my blog and they act as if finding and reading a blog is rocket science.  Mind you, many of these people are still active and successful lawyers, engineers and captains of industry.  They are so successful that they have other people do their computer shit.  The fact that they even read and use email is a surprise to me.

I tried to get my fellow seniors to follow my blog via Facebook.  You would think I was asking them to join the communist party. 

Their typical response was, “I don’t do Facebook or any other intrusive social network thing.” 

“O. K.  How about I email the link to you?”

“I got the link, what do I do with it?”

“Double click the link.”


“Take your mouse, left click twice very fast and the link will appear so you can read my blog.  Then save it to your favorites and check it periodically.”


“Never mind, just go buy out that silly conglomerate, sell off the underperforming units, take the new entity public, unload the new stock at an inflated price and make about 50 fucking million dollars, but YOU CAN”T FIGURE OUT HOW TO VIEW MY FREAKING BLOG????  And if you do manage to find it could you manage to click one fucking ad so I can make 35 cents?  Thank you.

The rest of my demographic does not read.  I am not afraid of insulting them when I say this, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT READ!  To these cretins, the internet is for porn, the sports page is for reading. 

When your friends and relatives are ruled out as followers, I am left with a smattering of Moms (Mums across the Ocean, I hate that across the POND shit).  I love this group, and some of their blogs are funnier than all blazes but much of what is in my head is foreign to them.

In order to get closer to my only demographic I am going to baby sit my Pennsylvania son’s toddlers once a week this fall.  I am going to gain 20 pounds of belly to empathize with the pregnancy experience, and I am thinking of turning gay so I can understand how really horrible men are. 

OK that’s a bad idea; I’ll just make believe I know what the women are talking about.

I will keep trying, but I am beginning to think I am just too old to blog.


  1. What would you do with a bazillion followers? It's the ones you have who count. Wait..maybe you really want to tell us you're tired of being cranky. That would be awful.

  2. I already figured out that those who can't be bothered are a bunch of stiffs anyway.

  3. Boy, can I relate to this! I'm a technological neanderthal. My one saving grace is I have a spousal unit who is a virtual computer wizz kid. On a daily, almost hourly basis I have to call her over and say " what the hell does THIS mean??" I've studied hard, done my homework, and am proud to say I can today sign in all by myself. ;)


  4. Holy shit, I must be a computer genius! My dearly beloved yells for ME to help her find the enter key!

  5. Sorry - my pet chimpanzee 'Carol Polenta' does all my computer work! Yo are best advised to speak to her!

    ps - this comment 'verification' that proves that Carol Polenta is not a robot .... is that a North American thing?

  6. You are definitely not too old to blog. Because if you're too old then I am too since we're probably close in age. While it's true that half the bloggers are lactating mothers wanting you to know everything about their children, I find that older bloggers are more loyal and have the time to follow your blog more.

  7. I don't even ask or want family to read me. How in the world would I find things to write about if they did?

  8. lol. I hear ya mate. gotta say I like your style for an oldie.
    It is hard to get the general public interested in a personal blog. It's generally seen as idle chat. It's a hard one to crack. Keep at it tho.

  9. As one of your loyal readers and a mum, I certainly don't think you're too old for blogging. You crack me up all the time, and it's refreshing to read a male's point of view on things.