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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HOW DARE YOU? - caution, an R-rated rant


Here is a big FUCK YOU shout-out to every stuck up, egotistic, pompous, smug, swellheaded, vain piece of shit lady that has ever uttered the words, “How dare you?”  I say lady because a man (a real man) has never uttered those words. Even a stuck-up egotistic, pompous…..(real) man has never uttered these words.  It is a gender thing. 

“How dare you” is a phrase from years past when class distinction consisted of rich upper-class assholes who basically owned people.  If a lower-class piece of scum spoke up to an upper-class asshole it was a very daring thing to do as it put his very life in danger.  Hence, “How dare you?”

Today we still have rich assholes who still think that if anyone not of their economic strata speaks against them they could destroy their life.  These people are still prone to the “How dare you?” declaration.

When one of these people cuts in line when I am not looking and I point it out to them, the “How dare you?” response does not cut it with me.  You have no power over me.  This is America.  Get in the back of the line.  Bitch….Fucking bitch. What the hell…CUNT!! (sorry)

I don’t usually use such terms, but something about the “How dare you?” is so self-important and pompous that it just sets me on fire.


You are an ASSHOLE!

Your shit does stink…very much so!

You are a rich spoiled brat.  That is your husband’s problem, not mine!

You are probably a miserable hag…or future hag, but I am sure you are miserable.

I don’t work for you, I don’t depend on you for anything, and you have no power over me at all, so when I say FUCK YOU it is not daring.  It involves no rick to me whatsoever. 

When I hear “How dare you?” I think How dare you say how dare you?


The preceding cranky rant was brought to you by “BLOGGING FOR SANITY” a not for profit rant organization.

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  1. Makes you just want to dig your heels in even deeper, doesn't it?

    My comeback is usually something like, "I've lived quite happily for ___ years without your blessing, and I think I'm probably good for that many more WITHOUT it now. Adios MF.


  2. Holy nut balls someone pissed you off
    CUnext Tuesday was used.

  3. Sounds to me like the box of Raisin Bran you opened this morning didn't have two full scoops of raisins. I'm worried about your blood pressure.

    I can honestly say I can't recall anyone saying "How dare you!" to me. I have gotten quite a few, "Why you little shit!"

  4. Oops -- better slink back under the rock from whence I came ... ;-)

  5. Well.

    We all have to open the valves and let off some steam now and again. Glad you do it in such an entertaining fashion!

  6. Wow! My head's still spinning!
    One thing I have to challenge though, Cranky, is your implication that 'lady' is the opposite of 'man'. An adult female is a woman. A lady has to earn the description.

  7. Daaaaaa--aaamn. Can I call you when I need someone to yell at my sister? You must know her...

  8. Ha ha - go Joe!

    It is actually a hugely insulting thing to say to someone indicating that they are inferior to you in some way. I've never said it to anyone (although I may try it out on my ex now, just for fun you know... ;)