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Sunday, August 19, 2012



We know you hate them, but I like them so here are this week's stupid headlines and my stupider, sophmoric and sometimes offensive comments:

Palin will not speak at Republican convention – Romney breathes sigh of relief

110-year-old Pa. widow gets WWI benefits boost -  Yee Ha…it’s party time in Pa.

Colorado Still Skinniest US State – This is ridiculous…Have you even seen NEW JERSEY?

Oregon man survives being compacted in dumpster—twice – Now that is getting trashed!

Parishioners sick of Alec Baldwin pontificating from pulpitNo, he is not a priest…but he played one on TV!

3D printer creates physical model of fetus for expecting parents – They make great paperweights.

300-pound Texas 12-year-old told he's too big to play Pee Wee football – Gee that doesn’t seem fair…oh wait what is the league called…um PEE frikin WEE!!

VP Biden Says Republicans Are 'Going to Put Y'all Back in Chains' Who are these people that used to be in chains?

Pussy Riot supporters protest at Russian cathedralHmmm I’m not sure rioting ever solved anything, but I am in complete support of their cause.

1 of every 100 U.S. Caucasians has celiac disease – Black and Hispanic citizens demand equal celiac disease representation.

Scientists may have found the secret to a male birth control pill Pill makes most women look like Justin Beiber.

Diverted Air France flight asks passengers to pitch in for gas – Passengers can accept no peanuts and paying extra for luggage…but pitching in for gas?

Exploding toilets prompt recall – Ordering your toilet from Al Qaeda Inc. is a really bad idea!


  1. These exploding they come from the factory with pre-loaded cherry bombs? In my day we had to WORK to create our mischief! (Kids today have it too easy I tell ya!)


  2. That first story gives crack a whole new meaning doesn't it? The 110 year old widow needs to go to Vegas ASAP and party like no tomorrow. Oh, and the 12 year old wanna be football player should just try out for the NFL. They always need some big ol' offensvie linemen.

  3. These are GREAT! Thanks for sharing, especially your input on each.

  4. First story is the best - but exploding toilets! Wow.

  5. This was hilarious! Thanks for stopping by and reading my gross post. Hope to see you again soon. :)

  6. Once or twice I thought it was my toilet exploding. Turns out I was wrong.

  7. Oh, damn, you made me wet my bloomers are hysterical and brilliant.....

    "Scientists may have found the secret to a male birth control pill – Pill makes most women look like Justin Beiber." Really funny!


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