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Saturday, August 11, 2012



There is a tradition in my family of telling tales to the grandchildren.  My grandfather did it, my father did it and now I am guilty.  Children want to believe even though they doubt.  They particularly want to believe in their elders.

I only tell little tales; nothing outrageous.  Surely it is all harmless fun.

Yesterday my 7 year old granddaughter called from North Carolina to ask me a question.  “Grandpa Joe, were you really in the Navy Seals?”

I might have mentioned to her once that I was a Navy Seal and knew how to disarm or even kill a person thirty-seven different ways using only my thumb or pinky; maybe, I’m not sure.

I hated to disappoint her, so I continued the fib.  Then I thought she may get in trouble with her friends if she relays the tale to them (pretty sure that happened to “The Beaver” in one episode.)

Maybe I should fess up and tell her Grandpa Joe does not know how to hurt a flea is probably a coward and could not shine the shoes of a real Navy Seal.   Yeah but then she might not believe that I won gold medals in four different Olympics both winter and summer.  She still believes I could win the gold in the catching popcorn in your mouth toss if only they didn’t cancel that event.

I think I’ll just wait on it.  She will figure it out on her own eventually.  After all I don’t think my daughter still thinks there is a shark in Tripp’s Creek Maryland named Sharky that likes to eat little girls.  Do you Mare?  And I know I don’t believe that Killer Whales will attack fishing boats if little boys make too much noise…although my Grandfather once had to kill one with a butter knife when he was eleven…yeah he did…he told me!    


  1. And lemme guess....your thaaaaaaat close to achieving World Peace, too? Right?

    (Or was it Whirled Peas?)


  2. I only lie by what I don't tell them....there are just some things they don't need to know.

  3. Oh my goodness, sounds like you and my Sweet Man were cut from the same bolt of cloth. My daughter used to tell her friends to only believe her Dad 2% of the time....hehehe. I think the Grands have reduced that by half. But what's the fun of not exaggerating if there's not a potential in the audience, right? Oma Linda

  4. Lol Cranky
    I don't know about grandparetns telling fibs to grandkids, but my ex, told my boys that my paresnt met while my Mum was in the work house...Apparently my Dad was a chimney sweep and he saw my Mum as he was bobbing literally up and down in the chimney cleaning it.....
    My parents are 68 and 69 - you figure it out!

    My ex also told the kids that the bog bales of straw you see in fields that are usually covered in black plastic, are actually eggs laid by cows...Even now when we drive past a field with them in, we all say "Ooo look Cow eggs!"

    Have a great day
    Lou :-)

  5. You're a hoot. I so wish that my kids (and my nieces) were able to know their grandfather... my Dad who would have also been Grandpa Joe. They would have shared so much silliness. All four grandchildren were born after his passing but we kind of pass on his grandpa-isms for him. Maybe I'll get to be the crazy story-telling grandma. :)

  6. Just think of how you enriched her imagination!

  7. I can't wait until I have grand kids to lie to. And I have a couple of whoppers to tell!

  8. Navy Seal huh? And I thought I was bad for telling the kids you could grow whiskers by rubbing salt on your chin to make the hairs thirsty and then tying a knot in them when they came out for a drink when you held a bowl of water near them.

  9. you mean all that stuff they told me wasn't true?!

  10. You know the song... Something like... Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another now..... (I can't remember the artist).... Well, for a while my kids thought I just made the lyrics up.. Thought I was so clever and cool...... :)

  11. I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following me would mean alot!

  12. They cancelled that popcorn event?? Darn!

  13. Tall tales are always a Grandpa's favorite pastime! My father-in-law tells some whoppers and my husband, his son, is no different with our grandkids.


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