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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Logic Train Does Not Stop at Cranky’s House

The Logic Train Does Not Stop at Cranky’s House

The logic train makes no stops at our house.

For example:

The other night Mrs. C came home from work.

“You don’t love me do you?”

“What, sure I do, why?”

“You didn’t leave the front light on.”

“Really, I thought I did.”

“It’s not on, so unless it burned out you didn’t.”

“I’ll have to go check it.”

“Actually, I hope it did burn out, then we can change it and not worry about it burning out when we are away on our trip.”

“If you are worried about that, I could change it anyway just to be sure.”

“No, don’t waste a good bulb until you have to.”

“So, you’d rather worry during our vacation that the light is out and people will know we are not at home?”

“Just don’t change it!”

“I could put in a new bulb and save the old one and replace it back when we come home.”


“Why not?”

“Just because.”

“But it would not be wasteful, and you wouldn’t worry about the light burning out while we were away.”

“You just don’t change a bulb until it burns out!”

Woo Woo!

There goes the logic train, right past our house.


  1. Oh, change the damn bulb. Do it at the crack of dawn. No one has to no. Say it was a miracle and the bulb came on.

  2. Yes! Change the bulb in secret, and make sure to spray some WD40 on it before you screw it in, so no dust particles can interfere with the connection.

  3. I have to agree with you on this one, Joe. Don't tell her, but I agree with you.

    Have a fabulous day and sometimes the logic train passes us by too. 😎

  4. It's not that the logic train goes past, it's that her logic train is a different one, maybe more like an old fashioned horse drawn tram or something. Yours is a bullet train.

    Change the bulb.

  5. Yup, they're all right. Change the bulb. Be a sweetheart. Then tell her about the carnal convergence. (heh-heh-heh)

  6. Catalyst's comment is not creepy, my comment to his post might be.

  7. I didn't think your comment was creepy, Joe, I thought it was funny!

  8. You're not going to be able to leave until this one burns out.

  9. Check the bulb to be sure it's working, then write a great big notice that says Turn Light On For Mrs C. Then you'll never forget again.

  10. Wait a minute you leave a light burning the whole time you are away from home? So people won't know there's no one home? But when you are home, you turn it off at night? but don't worry about people thinking there's no one home?
    What kind of logic is that?

  11. It just shows that being secretive has its good side. Go on, change the damn bulb, I dare you.

  12. If you switch the light on and off on and off on and off a few times it will burn out. Then you can change the bulb for a new one. That's good logic.

    God bless.

  13. Ok, I admit to not changing batteries in the smoke alarms until they start beeping. Batteries aren't cheap.

  14. I am voting for the sneaky change out also. Go for it.

  15. I prefer to catch the crazy train ~ it's more fun :-D

  16. Throw a rock - by accident, of course - at the bulb. Then you HAVE TO change it.