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Sunday, November 11, 2018




 The divorce rate in this country is disturbing.  In many cases the cause of break-ups is unrealistic expectations by the wife, and an inability to understand how to deal with a new husband.  New wives-to-be should get a set of husband instructions before the wedding.

                   INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE 2011-SH (available en Espanol)

Congratulations on your new 2011 Standard Husband.  The 2011 model referred to as the 2011-SH is designed to be durable and functional.  Please read the instructions carefully before using.  Please do not expect your 2011-SH to perform post-wedding as he did pre-wedding.  Once broken in, the 2011-SH loses some attentiveness.  If he sometimes flounders or acts in a peculiar manner this is not a defect, but it will require some maintenance on your part.

Your husband comes fully clothed and accessorized.  This is the result of his previous developmental process, however, from this point on you will be required to provide acceptable garments.  Your 2011 unit has not been designed to purchase appropriate outfits unless you chose the Mr. Bruce model (The 2011-MB) in which case you can shop, enjoy Broadway musicals, and watch reality TV shows together.  The 2011-MB may come up short in other departments and is not recommended for those with an active libido. 

Please provide at least one inappropriate outfit for your new husband.  Save one pair of old worn out shoes, a dirty tee shirt, stained worn pants, and holy socks and undergarments. These will make your 2011-SH happy.  Do not allow him to leave the house with any of this attire.

Your 2011 husband is self cleaning and grooming, but is not programmed to perform these tasks at regular intervals.  It is highly recommended that you utilize the voice command feature to activate the cleaning and grooming applications.  The voice command function may need to be repeated multiple times (The 2011-MB does not require grooming voice prompts.)

The 2011-SH is willing and capable of performing basic household functions such as picking up after himself, washing dishes, vacuuming (neat vacuum lines not included in the standard model), and even washing and folding clothes.  He has not been programmed to recognize the need to perform these functions; the voice command is required.

Your 2011 model is programmed to recognize the need for outdoor chores.  He will maintain the lawn, rake leaves and even tend to the vegetable garden without prompting (The MB model requires prompting to operate in this environment.)

Your 2011 husband is an expert (or believes he is) in all things tools.  He will paint, build and fix stuff even without the voice prompt.  The voice prompt may actually delay these activities.  Please do not correct the 2011-SH during the paint, build and fix application, it may lead to foot stomping, tool throwing, and the language mode can be corrupted.  If your 2011-SH makes multiple trips to the hardware store, this is typical behavior, do not try to change or adjust. (The 2011-MB will not paint, build or fix stuff….he will help decorate rooms and rearrange furniture.)

Your 2011-SH wants to make you happy, but is not sure how to accomplish this; some direction is required.  Please be aware the voice command is very specific and the 2011-SH will not interpret voice inflections, facial expressions or body language.  If you tell the 2011-SH you do not want anything for Valentine’s Day, he will recognize that as a command and he will obey.  If you want the SH to act on his own in the present-buying and date remembering function you will not be satisfied.  VOICE COMMANDS OR SUBTLE HINTS ARE REQUIRED.

Your 2011-SH is fully equipped for your satisfaction in the bedroom.  Once again, voice commands or hands-on directions are recommended.  (The voice command is ineffective on the 2011-MB.)


Do allow the 2011-SH to watch sports on TV 4-5 hours per week.  Anything less will result in decreased bedroom activity.

Do give the 2011-SH possession of the TV remote.  Your voice commands will still work to override his decisions.

DON’T try to change or adjust your 2011-SH.  You had a trial period, he is what he is.

DON’T be overly critical.  Your 2011-SH looks sturdy but he may crack.


Q - My 2011-SH never seems to know what I want, what can I do?

Ans – Did you even read the manual?

Q - How can I get my 2011-SH to be nice to my Mother?

Ans – Convince him she has lots of money and only six months to live.

Q- My 2011-SH frequently makes loud backside noises and emits a noxious odor.  He does not seem to notice; should I be concerned.

Ans- This is normal for the 2011-SH; you could adjust the 2011-SH’s diet, but diet adjustment can have adverse performance effects (see correction during paint, build and fix mode.)

Your 2011-SH comes with a money back guarantee.  In some cases if you are not satisfied you may get more than your money back plus a lifetime stipend for your trouble and inconvenience (standard pre-nup contracts may decrease or nullify any guarantees.)  

Please feed and nurture your 2011-SH.  Regular tune-ups are suggested.  Weekends or a week alone should be administered at least twice a year.  Any island is an acceptable tune-up venue. 

If you follow these directions and recommendations you should expect a lifetime of satisfaction. 

Enjoy your 2011-SH
*Re-run from 2011 post 


  1. Things never change do they. No they don't. Thanks for the laughs.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. ☺

  2. Ah, my model may be older, but most of the owner's manual stays the same. Have a great Monday!

  3. Where was this when I needed it. Very funny stuff Joe.

  4. "The divorce rate in this country is disturbing." In the UK it is about 1 in 3 marriages ends in divorce. Perhaps we need instruction manuals for husbands and wives to help them through marriage.

    In my experience, a successful marriage involves one of the two partners being slightly hard of hearing.

    Also, archaeologists make the best marriage partners. The older you get the more interested they are in you.

    God bless.

  5. That was great! I must have missed it the first time.

    I got my SH used, and the instructions didn't come with it. Will the warranty on a 1989 model run out in 2019? Asking for a friend...

  6. When are you posting the 2011-SW manual?