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Sunday, November 4, 2018


This weeks stupid headlines and my stupider sometimes sophomoric comments.


British couple gets drunk, buys hotel they're staying at on honeymoon – I once got loaded and bought the bar a round, but this is ridiculous!

Swiss tourist suing Graceland hotel for $75,000, claims fire alarm caused marriage issues – I’m guessing that marriage was not destined to survive.

Titanic II to set sail in 2022 - Sign me up! I also want to spend a night on Elm Street, swim with Jaws, have dinner with Hannibal Lector, and go to camp on Friday the thirteenth.

Michigan wildlife officials capture 'rare' sighting of cougar on game camera – Most cougars hang out in bars, far from wildlife game cameras.

Stolen giant inflatable colon found in vacant home – The giant Inflatable comma, period and asterisks are still missing.

Barbra Streisand 'thinking' about moving to Canada if GOP wins the House – There is that, and then there is the legalized pot thing.

Meghan Markle's apparent 'bad' habit sparks royal debate – No, she does not pick her nose in public, she wears pant suits with pockets! OMG!!

NJ ex-superintendent admits to pooping on a nearby high school's grounds – And he didn’t have a hall pass!

New Jersey police capture alleged serial diaper dumper – Damn, NJ is making Florida look good this week.

World Series trophy damaged at Boston parade by beer can – Still doing damage!

Restaurant under fire for controversial ‘Weinstein Burger’ – It is actually aptly named as it turns out the burger leaves a bad taste in your mouth.



Kids buy back dad's 1993 Ford Mustang that he sold when his wife was diagnosed with cancer – No dogs this week, but as a Dad, this is even better.  The wife is a cancer survivor for 13 years, that’s pretty feel-good as well.


  1. A big hole suddenly appeared in the middle of town. The Local Authorities are looking into it.

    A lorry carrying cement collided with a prison van. The police are looking for some hardened criminals.

    God bless.

  2. If all of the people who keep threatening to move if their candidate does not win would just go ahead and do it -- nah, the other countries probably don't want them, either, and if they made good on the threat they'd have nothing left to bargain with.

    Great feel-good story, i'm awed by those kids and how far they went to do something for their father.

  3. Darn it Joeh, you posted the video and it made me cry.

  4. What messymini said. I was thinking the same thing.

    Have a fabulous Sunday, Joe. 😎

  5. What a wonderful video!!

  6. Cougars are rare?? Goodness I have 3 friends who qualify and they roam in the open.

  7. My nephews both play music in Michigan bars and have lots of cougar sightings

  8. Of course my 13-year-old self would love to get its hands on an inflatable colon! And can't wait to read about your Titanic II cruise, night on Elm Street, swim with Jaws, dinner with Hannibal Lector, and camp on Friday the thirteenth.

  9. The old Titanic movie had the band playing "Nearer My God To Thee" while the ship was sinking. We sang it in church today and it had me thinking about the new Titanic. Nope, I think I'll also pass on that ride. What happened to all the movie stars who said they were moving to Canada when Trump was elected? They're still here. Unfortunately. I can't think of anything I care less about than celebrities.

  10. I think those celebrity moves "if someone wins" are nothing but a bunch of publicity stunts. Remember when Rush Limbaugh said he was going to move to Costa Rica if Obama was re-elected? He never left Florida, either.