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Monday, November 26, 2018



A re-run from 2014...the crushes have aged a bit, but so have we.

Do most married couples have a celebrity free-pass?  You know.  Come on, I know you know.  If given a chance, if the opportunity presents itself, who is that one celebrity that your wife is allowed to have an affair with…just once?  

Who is your celebrity .  Who is the one if the opportunity presents itself that your wife will look the other way…just once?

Mrs. Cranky likes older men, fortunately for me, and she has always had a thing for Sean Connery.  She may have a thing for some others.  Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves to mention a couple, but she only gets a free pass with one.  She chose Sean Connery. 

Are you reading this Sean?

Now the question becomes, who, Cranky, is your celebrity free-pass?

This is tough.  I have to pass on all the young pretties.  Paris, any Kardasian, Lindsey, they all just seem too full of themselves.  I’m thinking they wouldn’t be all that great.  I think I would feel like smacking them and sending them home; just too young.

Then there are your Jennifer Aniston’s and your Pamela Anderson’s, who are older, still plenty hot, and maybe not quite so full of themselves.  Naw, still too young.  I only have one pass; I don’t want to waste it on a snot head unappreciative bimbo.

Here it is.  Maybe she is in her sixties, but I always had a thing for Patricia Richardson.  She was the wife on Tim Allen’s show “Tool Time.”  She’s cute, funny, and down to Earth.  I’ve seen some recent pictures, and she’s still got it.  She just might appreciate a cranky old man.
If you’re interested Patricia, I have one free pass.  Do you know Sean Connery?  Maybe we could double date.

Do you get a free celebrity pass?  Who is it?  Come on, no one reads this crap; it will just be between you, me, and your better half.


  1. I used to have favourites but that was a long, long time ago. I never went in for pin-up boys, though, how sad is that?

  2. The man and I have never discussed a free pass but at our age I don't think either of us would be very successful in "free passing" with a celebrity! In the realms of fantasy, he's a got a bit of a thing for Tracey Ullman and I have always fancied Enrique Murciano in his Without A Trace days. I'm a bit of sucker for those dark Latino looks, which is a bit unfortunate as before he turned grey the man was a blond-haired Nordic type!

  3. Hubby already knows.

    Thomas William Selleck is an American actor and film producer. He is known for starring as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. and as Peter Mitchell in Three Men and a Baby. Wikipedia

    Born: January 29, 1945 (age 73 years), Detroit, MI

    Height: 6′ 4″

    He's a year older than hubby, a bit taller and he has bad knees just like hubby.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  4. We have never discussed such a free pass, but only yesterday, we had a talk about older men/younger women, relating to a former friend who lived in our townhouse complex before we were married.

    Hick said, "I don't know the attraction. I could never be with a woman younger than her fifties. What would we have in common?" Of course I gave him a lecture for even thinking about it.

    If I was forced to choose a "free-pass" partner, I think it would be Pierce Brosnan. He's held up remarkably well, and seems respectful of his wife. I'm sure she wouldn't begrudge me a one-time fling. She's lucky to have him! Now, at the risk of violating your non-political blog...I must reveal that Hick would most likely choose Sarah Palin.

  5. Sadly and luckily, I don't need permission but if I were much younger or he was much older, Ian Anthony Dale of Hawaii 5-0 gets my motor running.

  6. I wouldn't opt for a younger man. I'm 84, so that would limit me to old geezers, so I'll pass on your free pass!!

  7. We've never thought of such a thing, and right off hand, i cannot think of anyone i would have that big of a crush on.

  8. For me it's a toss up between Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot...for hubby, Jamie Lee Curtis. All have aged well!

  9. This isn't something we ever discussed. I knew he'd be jealous of anyone I had a crush on while he felt free to tomcat around like he was single. Well we all know how that ended. Anyway, I like Sean Connery too (and quite a few actors I don't recall the names of), but not enough to have a one night fling.

  10. That is a very interesting choice! And that photo of her is very sexy!

    If I'm feeling like hot and dirty, mine is Johnny Depp. If I want some witty conversation thrown in, I'd be all over Jason Bateman.

  11. She told me not to say her name.

    God bless.

  12. We both adore Johnny depp ,robert de niro ,al pacino but yes we have different faves either

    i will go with Morgan Freeman and Julia Roberts ,Susanne sarandon Kate winslate

    but hubby will choose only Kate ,he is huge admirer of her beauty and grace