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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Stupid Headlines 111118

Stupid Headlines 111118

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.


Miss BumBum contestants get into fight over fake butt accusations – Not sure how you fake a great butt, but I would  volunteer to double check.

Colorado votes to abolish slavery – I’m pretty sure Lincoln took care of that a few years ago…must be the pot talking.

Man shamed for proposing at New York City Marathon as girlfriend runs by: 'He couldn't propose to her at the finish line?' – To all you basement dwelling Twitter a-holes…the lady was happy, the dude was happy, STFU!!

McDonald's customers’ $5M lawsuit over unwanted Quarter Pounder cheese dismissed by judge – Customer ordered a “Quarter Pounder with cheese” without the cheese and was still charged for the cheese.  Damn if they got 5 million dollars for that, I was going to sue because I order without the pickle and still pay full price.

Vogue Asks Why White Women Keep Voting for GOP, 'Against Their Own Interests' -Apparently, according to Vogue, White Women are really stupid! What other answer could there possibly be?

Delta apologizes after customer was 'covered' in dog poop from seat – Well, as long as they said they were sorry that he sat in dog shit because they didn’t clean it or even warn him, I don’t see what he is complaining about.

Texas state lawmaker wins re-election from his jail cell – His platform  called for term limits.

Voters choose dead pimp over Democratic opponent His winning slogan, “OK, I’m a pimp, but I’m dead how much harm can I cause?

Georgia woman shot at parents because father refused to turn off college football game – What? Turn off a football game…in Georgia? Is this the Georgia in America?

China develops virtual, Artificial Intelligence newsperson that looks human – Artificial Intelligence makes sense, but you can look human, or you can look like a newsperson, not sure you can look like both.

A Tear Jerker:

NYPD salutes K-9 as she loses battle with cancerA FEEL-GOOD kind of tear.


6-year-old boy who can't play outside due to rare disease finds a friend in school resource officer –

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I was thinking the girlfriend was probably grateful for the brief rest while he proposed. Hope he gave her some Gatorade with the ring.

  3. Heh, heh! My 13-year-old self is outraged to discover only today that there IS SUCH A THING as a Miss BumBum Contest. The marathon proposal complainers? C'mon! It's not like he stopped her in the 100 meter hurdles. She had over 26 miles to get on pace. It's not like the brief interlude would make or break her finish time.

  4. I ALWAYS love your Stupid Headlines!!

  5. Sometimes i marvel at how you find these. Loved the tear jerker and the feel good story.

  6. Miss BumBum. How sexist! It should be Ms. BumBum.

  7. "What? Turn off a football game…in Georgia?" That would be kind of like one of the kids telling me to turn off the NASCAR race with only 10 laps to go...yeah they would have to shoot me!

  8. I wonder if the New York City Marathon runner was so happy about the proposal that she finished the race at a personal best pace.