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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Addition By Subtraction

Addition By Subtraction
From time to time I may be critical of Mrs. C’s reticence to throw anything away.  I might have from time to time mentioned how painful it is that we pay skiddly-eight dollars a month for a storage unit that contains on a good day way less than skiddly-eight dollars of crap.

I try not to make too big a deal about this expense as marital discord is way more expensive than skiddly-eight dollars a month.  My divorces alone cost me at least forty thousand-skiddly-eight dollars.

Mrs. C is worth way more than skiddly-eight dollars a month. 
I do occasionally complain about clutter in the house which is the result of saving every piece of crap she has ever purchased and the box it came in on.   I should complain less than I do, because a good relationship is worth way more than putting up with a little clutter.

This weekend, Mrs. C miraculously decided to declutter a basement storage/office area.  I know how difficult this was for her as I have quit nail biting, smoking and excessive drinking. 

I am very proud of her.

She tossed boxes of party hats and noise makers from NYE 2004.  She tossed bank statements from 2002-2011 and work manuals from a bank she left in 1997.  She consolidated boxes and tossed cartons with contents unknown but with best-used-by dates from last century.

Amid all the crap she jettisoned she did find some interesting stuff. 

She found a picture of a very young Mrs.  C with Captain Jack McCarthy of 1960’s “Popeye Theater “cartoon fame.  If you grew up in the NYC area way back when, you would be impressed.  Apparently, there was a class trip to NYC involved.

She was excited to find recipes from her Mom for ziti, lasagna, stuffed shells, proper gravy and stuffing.  She has these recipes in her head, but apparently the actual copies from her mother are special.  She has been looking for them for years.

I expected she would find some money, she often hordes currency away like a squirrel and then forgets about it.  Not large sums mind you, but often enough for dinner out.  Unfortunately, she found only coins.  About $4.75 worth, not counting about 150 wheat pennies which are made of all copper.  They are probably worth $1.75 now, but in 30 years…who knows.

The room still is a mess, but you can actually move around in it and even reach some stored items which are not crap.  Addition by subtraction.

It is a start.


  1. Mrs. C did the right thing and now needs to continue. I hope you are providing some man-power.

  2. I need to clean out some things. I don't live with anyone, so I have only myself to blame or rely on when it comes to these storage areas. It's good to have someone to blame. Keep her.

  3. BRAVO, Mrs. C! I know how you feel.

    I would pay skiddly-eight dollars for Mrs. C to fly out here and clean out my dark basement lair. When I retired, Hick made The Pony carry all my boxes into my lair, rather than leave them in the main part of the basement where I could sort through what I wanted to keep. Once it got piled all willy-nilly, I put off dealing with it.

  4. You're lucky to have Mrs. C. I'm glad you realize it!!

  5. Kudos to Mrs C. Perhaps she'll be inspired and clean out or at least declutter other storage areas. I cleaned out my expanding file box a couple of days ago. I had bills and receipts for them from way back in 1999! it's empty enough now that I can lift it with one hand again.

  6. I think Mrs C and I would get on very well since we both seem to have the same ideas/practices/opinions!!! I did a turn out yesterday with the intention of chucking stuff out and ended up putting everything back but tidily this time!!!

  7. That's a good start! I believe I have the opposite problem of trying to throw everything away. Fortunately, that doesn't extend to people, for the most part.

  8. We all do tend to collect things over the years just in case we need them.

    God bless.

  9. Perhaps finding the treasures among the piles will encourage her to do more. You are a smart man to just nod and agree for you do have a keeper there.

  10. Sometimes I find treasures like that too. Decluttering is a good thing. We've been doing it for a long time.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. 😎